Life as a Working Woman Pt. 2

Hello All,

So, suspensefully, I added to be continued to my post “Life as a Working Woman”, I’m sure you recall, if not head on over to recent posts, click the link, and check for yourself if you don’t believe me.


Told you so. Anyways, today was the continued part. At approx. 8:16 am I boarded a bus to the metro station, then boarded a metro, and then finally at approx. 9:14 am, I arrived in Dupont to get breakfast before I started my new summer job. Well to say the least I was nervous, but I began may day right with 180% of my daily vitamin C, (thanks apple juice! Keeping my immune system strong like a champ) and then headed over to the office.

I began on a sort of clumsy foot, pressing the little intercom buzzer three times before I figured out they were telling me stop hitting the button and come on up, mini-fail, but I had time to recover. I went around and introduced myself, learned their special motivating clap, (I’d share but it’s top secret) ;) , trained for a while and then got straight to work.

How was it, you ask? How did I do?

Claps for E! I did great! Lots of nerves for nothing so far. I can’t give specifics, but it was so much fun. I tripled my expected quota, talked with some awesome people, who were actually interested in what I had to say and really spread my little social butterfly wings. Yay for success! It’s only the first day, so there’s plenty of room for mistakes, screwups and probably even a few failures, so I’m taking it all in with a grain of salt, but boy does it feel good today!

Cheers to learning as you go, promotions on the first day, and a helluva bonus! <3


P.S. Do you have any success you would like to share? Do something outstanding? Scored an internship? Tell me about it!
The celebration doesn’t have to end here!


Real Women Spending

Real Women Spending

, from Fabulous has written quite an interesting article on women, ranging from mid twenties to early forties and how much they earn and spend each month.

Well you see the reason why I’m sharing this is because, Sunday, while browsing the internet, I was searching for cute and unique boutiques within my price range around DC. What I found was that the majority of the people of the internet have no idea what my budget is. I’m a working undergrad attending a $45,000 a year school on scholarship. I do not buy three hundred and fifty Alice and Olivia dresses, no matter how much I love them. Okay?

For those of you wondering Primark is like Target, and
New Look is sort of equivalent to Forever21, or Charlotte Russe.

So fashion writers of the world! Listen up! I love fashion, but I love it for less than $49.99 okayyy?


Life as a Working Woman

So, I started to title this post Day #1, for real though, but then I remembered that scene in p.s. I love you. Do you remember the one? It was in the little apartment, pre-funeral, when Gerald Butler is holding Hillary Swank expaining to her that this is her life, it’s already begun, it’s already stared. Well he’s right. Life’s already started, tomorrow will be day six of my summer here in DC and my first day at work.

I’m scared silly, to say the least.
But here’s to meeting new people, trying new things, and going new places. Cheers!

to be continued…


When My Prince Came…

I almost forgot, here’s a quick shout out to the nice people of the world. Namely, Prince, my prince charming in the form of a cab driver who gave me a ride home despite me being short on cash after I stupidly didn’t check the bus schedule.

Prince, you are a helluva man. You do not know how much I was freaking out about the walk home. You restored my faith in humanity, which believe you me, if anyone needed, it was me.

Here’s a music video in your honor.

Thanks again Prince.


P.S., just for FYI ladies, I don’t normally condone needing to be rescued.
When you can, always be your own heroine, okay? Or at least that’s my policy.


Hello All,

For anyone who knows me at all, it’s no secret that Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day has been one of my favorite movies for a few years now. However, what I didn’t know was that it’s a book! Yesterday, while exploring the city I popped in this little bookstore/cafe. A little cramped, a bit overpriced, but also packed with lots of booklover treasures, I was browsing the fiction section when I found it. Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, the book.


Naturally it was booklove at first sight. Set as world war II is just gaining momentum, the book follows two women over a period of twenty-four hours, after which neither of them will ever be the same. It’s glamorous, hilarious and romantic.  This is the type of book, heck and movie, that leaves you with butterflies in your stomach afterwards, and a goofy love drunk smile on your face.

My advice? Pick it up! It’s a perfect summer read, light-hearted and fun, with plenty of sizzling love interests and enough drama for two.


Day #1


So day one had some good times and some bad times…

Good Times:

Dinner at Potbelly’s- So I know the pictures a little fuzzy, I’ll work on that in the future, but I had an amazingg salad, super cheap for my first meal as an independent undergrad. I don’t remember the name of the specific salad, but it was romaine lettuce, red grapes, grilled chicken, cranberries and apple slices with you’re choice of dressing. <3 Super Tasty, and I got to sit up in the window and people watch while I ate, which was actually really inspiring (so much fun fashion walks right by), Don’t worry, I took notes, and I’ll be passing them along.

Successfully navigating the MD & DC Metro system! -Nothing feels better than doing something completely on your own and getting it right the first time. Am I right? I had my doubts when I got on my  the bus and was shuttled away from my familiar nook ,but I left my new apartment in MD, found my destination in DC, and got back smooth as Don Draper circa season 2. Huge Win for E.

Bad times:

With the memory of the sweet southern summer sunshine still fresh in my mind, I got on that bus in cropped denim jeans, white strappy sandles, a loose floral tank and my hair in a boho-y side braid, needless to say all was well. That is until I got off the metro and looked up. The clouds were sunken in, nearly brushing the top of the city buildings. Before I could get out a sigh of disappointment, the bottom fell out. What began as a sprinkle flipped into a storm in a matter of minutes. Of course I had no umbrella. After walking three blocks in the rain, I finally found a starbucks & a walgreens, thank goodness.

I went into the bathroom looking like a wet rat. First, I took out my handy-dandy cardi and buttoned it over my tank, which I felt ridiculous in due to the horrible weather. Then I dried my hair a bit under the hand dryer and styled it into a neat high bun. Last I patted off the excess water with some paper towels and ordered an Iced White Chocolate Mocha.  I’d say this part at least was a mini success.

(Note: Always carry an umbrella & a hair-tie, never underestimate the power of a public restroom. )


P.S. Get that Cardi here!