Lists Can Be Lifesavers Too

Hello Lovelies,

Truth, I’ve missed you. I’m stressed to the max right now, but as a pledge to get back to blogging here is a list of things I’m looking at right now to keep from punching people in the face, just to help you relate.

People are taken aback by a confident, pretty girl who knows what
she wants in life and isn’t going to let anyone get in her way” — Summer Altice

Playlist: TLC: Waterfalls,
Taylor Swift: Begin Again, Boyz II Men: I’ll Make Love to You,
Maroon 5: Payphone, Beyonce: Halo

Love Twenty




If You Look Over My Shoulder…

Hello Lovelies,

This week, if you were to peer over my shoulder, this is what you’d find me reading:

#1 The Beauty Department’s New Nail How To

#2 J.D. Salinger’s Nine Stories


#3 The Menu at Gobble Cakes!

#4 This Tip at Smart Pretty and Awkward

#5 This Elbow Patch DIY from A Beautiful Mess

#6 Pretty much anything on Thought Catalog

 & as an Added bonus: You’ll find me listening to this as I pound through my work week:


5 Things I wish I’d Known


Hello Lovelies,

In honor of the class of 2016, here are five things I wish I’d known during first year orientation.

#1 Don’t be afraid of the upper classmen. They genuinely want to know you, and impress their knowledge upon you. They’re all just looking for a little freshman baby bird to take under their wing. Grab the girl from down the hall and go find out if one of you is that bird. Save yourself some time and some embarrassment, and probably score some party invites.

#2 Just Do It. Not that, get your mind out of the gutter, geeze. But the freshman class adventure trip white water rafting? Go. The day of volunteering with your peers? Go. Scoping out downtown and sampling the best Mexican Restaurant in the city? Go. These opportunities are set out for us for a reason. They’re meant to take you out of your comfort zone. They’re designed to force you to engage and interact. Don’t sit out. Some of my best friends were made after we were done huffing about these events.

#3 Take pictures of everything. No, you don’t want to be that weird kid with the camera glued to her palm, gazing up at the student union like it’s the statue of liberty. However, these are the first moments of some great friendships down the road, document them!

#4 Don’t form a clique the first five minutes on campus. Sure, you’re both wearing American Eagle jeans and trendy pastel tops, and hey you might end up being besties for life, but give everyone a chance. Sit with different people at lunch. Get to know the girls from the other halls. Leave all the doors to friendship open, at least for a week or two. You will not regret it.

#5 ( I learned this one from friends) Don’t find a boyfriend your first weekend out, aka your first weekend on campus ( or off ). Let yourself explore, wander and figure what you want. Hey, I’m not saying not to take anyone’s number yet, or that the guy chatting you up at the tailgate isn’t Mr. Right, but give yourself a chance to find out first. Mr. Wrongs can be found in all he right places.


Bonus: I already knew this one, but I’ve noticed a few class of 2016ers who might not: Do Not. Do Not Do Not. I repeat do not smoke in your room the very first night and hour after your parents have dropped you off. #1 My God girl, you just got here. #2 What a dumb ass, take that shit outside! #3 Seriously? It’s Barely 11, no one is even asleep yet…

Tell Me More

Hello Lovelies,

You may have noticed my glorious little counter in the bottom corner that excitedly proclaims only two more days til I’m back on campus! “What does that mean for East Cost Elegance?” You ask. Never fear my dears! Although my J. Adler Agenda is packed to the brim with meetings, appointments and to-do lists,  I am beyond excited to transfer some of my École enthusiasm to ECE.

Now, I want your opinion. What types of posts would you like to see this Fall on East Coast Elegance? Here’s your chance! I’m listening! Help me keep things fabulous and relevant.

Thanks & welcome new followers!


Happy National S’mores Day

Hey There Sweets,

So I learned from Lauren Conrad‘s twitter feed that today is National S’mores Day. Who knew? In honor of the day I’m going to share my three most memorable s’mores moments.


1. I was twelve and three days into a spring break camping trip with the parentals. The glory of catching my first catfish was fading fast and being the cool kid that I was, I didn’t have a cell phone yet. Needless to say the boredom was creeping in like your mother in your bedroom when you bring a boy home for the first time. Completely unwanted, but expected. As the sun nestled itself against the Blue Ridge blanket of mountains, the girl in the next cabin came over and invited me to join her family for s’mores. Her name was Anna and we became quick friends. On the sixth day of our camping trip I woke up to a sticky note on our door with Anna’s address. I had my first pen pal.

2. Another camping trip, another spring break. I was eighteen and in love. I’d helped him pitch the tent, and watched him up blow up an air mattress. If he’d proposed right then, stooped with the air pump between his knees, his biceps flexing on the down counts, I would’ve said yes. We took a break to cool down in the lake, our skin smelling like off brand bug repellent, sweat and musky lake water. When we made fire, we high-fived before he scooped me up into one of those hugs where they lift you off the ground and you feel like you belong in an american eagle ad. Probably extremely resemblent of the first time man-made fire, I’m willing to bet. I ate the marshmallows faster than he could roast them, but when we finally did make a few good s’mores, we wondered why in the world people make these in the woods. It’s messy as hell, just like love I suppose.

3. It was my second semester of college. Flanked by my two best friends, I knelt in soot at the opening of an outdoor fireplace on campus. We’d bought fire wood at the Kroger up the road, but hadn’t splurgged for the easy start kind that’s marinated in whatever to make it faster to get the fire up and going. Big mistake. Despite my experience starting a fire with the boy, I didn’t know a damn thing. Neither did my two best girls, obviously. It took us forty-five minutes and an entire roll of paper towels (I’d seen my dad use them when grilling) to finally get a flame worthy enough of roasting a couple marshmallows. We let out a few celebratory howls, licked the inevitable mess off our fingers and cheersed to our womanhood. Stuffing the little chocolatey sandwiches into our mouthes we discussed how we could make it in the wilderness… with a candle-lighter and a few dozen paper towels… It was a bonding moment for sure.

One last thing, a little tip if you will: Next time you make s’mores, try a few with Reeses instead of chocolate bars, so freaking delicious, you can thank Anna for that one.


Update: Working Girl No More

Hello Lovely Readers,

I promised I would explain why the posts have been a little lighter lately. Well you see, last week a major shoe malfunction on my way to work forced me to the conclusion that my commute was extremely too long and  therefore inconvenient.  I turned right back around, got back on the train and went home. I curled my hair, put on my go-get’em outfit topped off with my black pumps and went to town, literally. I picked up a few job applications, scheduled a few interviews, went to F21 for a new go get’em outfit (that always lifts my spirits) and then headed home.

By the time I got home my feet were killing me. Did I mention it was like a thousand degrees outside? I had a reese sized blister on each foot. I had sweat an amount equal to that of a lengthy sauna visit and I had sat next to a woman going through a stolen purse. (If you’re reading this lady; who works at apple, whose purse was stolen: you’re welcome)

Well anyways, the next day, I set out in my new go get’em outfit and heels, only to find myself lost with bigger blisters, resumes and applications damp from the humidity and rain, make up smudged and morale very low. When all seemed on he brink of a major crumble, I got a call from my mother telling my sister was in labors. At  this point, lost in the city maze, blocks and hours past my interviews, I threw my hands in the air.

If you hadn’t connected the dots already, I’m home. Quit my job, no longer a city girl (for now). It’s a sad fact.  I would be ashamed of having ever gone, but damn, how many nineteen year olds do I know that would go 9 hours from everyone they know to live alone for the summer? None (incase you’re wondering).

It looks like my summer won’t so much be discovering myself in the city (although  I mostly enjoyed doing so), it will actually be getting to know my new nephew, tackling DIY projects hands on, and hopefully working on my tan. Strange, this might be my first summer since I was fifteen not working.

I hope y’all will stick with the new direction.

picture source (this cute etsy store!)

When My Prince Came…

I almost forgot, here’s a quick shout out to the nice people of the world. Namely, Prince, my prince charming in the form of a cab driver who gave me a ride home despite me being short on cash after I stupidly didn’t check the bus schedule.

Prince, you are a helluva man. You do not know how much I was freaking out about the walk home. You restored my faith in humanity, which believe you me, if anyone needed, it was me.

Here’s a music video in your honor.

Thanks again Prince.


P.S., just for FYI ladies, I don’t normally condone needing to be rescued.
When you can, always be your own heroine, okay? Or at least that’s my policy.