Note To A Frat Boy:

Dear Frat Boy,

You’re cute. No, really, you’re cute. I’m giving my friends the eye every time you casually rest your finger tips on the small of my back as you lead me through the dance floor. When you stop at the acoustic band, for some super adorable swing dancing before the heavy grinding, I’m literally melting. The fact that you aren’t smoking in between your natty lights, makes me smile too. My Daddy would approve. Oh you own your own business? Oh you’ve been self-sufficient for the past year now? Oh you own a dozen Ralph Lauren bow-ties? Oh you’re not a hard-core republican? Swoon, Swoon, Swoon.

Oh you can keep up with my witty banter? I’m literally forcing back my mile-wide grin now, and begging my doe-eyes not to give me away.That is until it’s time to head in for the night. Now,  you definitely acknowledged my comment when I told you I would be staying in the women’s guest house and not your room… But now you seem angry? Oh you are angry? You think I strung you along tonight? You think I owe it to you to follow you home now because we made out and got a little NC-17 on the concrete dance floor? Is that so?

You think it’s wise to get snarky?  Your best tactic is to become a bit aggressive? You think I can’t hear the inflections in your tone? Question: Do you realize what a 3rd degree creeper you sound like right now? No… Hmm, well newsflash, you’re scaring me a little.

Ahh, I see you aren’t sensing this. I’ll put a little distance in between us. Oh you want to walk me to the door still? Oh you’re going to put your arm around me for the rest of the walk? How about No. You’re an ass. And a creepy ass at that. Go the Hell Away.


A College Woman with Some Self Respect.


So Excited, I Just Can’t Hide It!

Hello There,

Shit’s getting real my dears. In mere hours I will be moving into my sophomore dorm! Since a picture’s worth a thousand words here’s one to help you surmise how I’m feeling….

If you need further clarification:

When I reunite with my best friend it’s going to be like this.


The Catch You Toss Back

Dear Readers,

I won’t deny I know what I’ve done. I attended his family gatherings in the sweetest of disguises. I positioned myself perfectly in the crook of his arm and laid my head on his chest on numerous occasions. I let him kiss my forehead and hold my hand. I let him cook me dinner, sipped his beer and listened while his little family secrets slipped into conversation here and there.

Maybe we used each other? No one wants to watch the fireworks alone.  We wouldn’t be the first. It couldn’t have been a coincidence that right about the time I decided on having a summer fling, he casually took the seat next to me, cheersing our drinks without permission. I believe in fate after all.

I hadn’t planned on him though. I expected an absent-minded jock type. Not much more between the ears than whiskey and baseball. Of course I knew he was beautiful. I didn’t know he was sweet, and kind, and thoughtful. I never would’ve guessed he cared. I didn’t know he was such a hard worker, or that he laughed so much. I didn’t know he had bad vision like me, or intense road-rage. I never considered where his Mom might be, or how important his Step-Mom’s opinion was. I didn’t hear about his back injury. I sort of figured he got into Chapel Hill on extracurriculars and a couple good math tests. I didn’t know he was so fascinated by geography. I didn’t know he was kind of lonely. I didn’t know him at all.

Seersucker and Eyelet Strapless dress (Made to Order)

It’s plain to me how lucky some girl’s going to be. He’s going to be someone’s “The One“.  Not mine, but hopefully some worthy girl, somewhere floating below the mason-dixon. He’s not perfect, who is? He made a mistake or two, that’s for sure. Still, I hope we all find someone like him in the end, because my God, he was good.


P.S, that dress can be found at this little etsy shop.

Come to Me, I Have Cookies…

Hello Folks,

Now I’ve never been one of those crazed fan girls with t-shirts, posters and tickets to every concert, but damn. This kid. Phillip Phillips. He’s freaking beautiful, in that boy next door sort of way. And hells bells he sings too. Please enjoy an assortment of photos I’ve creepily curated for your visual pleasure.

If you’re listening world, cue the soaked t-shirt GQ pics. You know the ones. I bet those curls look perfect drenched. K Thanks.


P.S. Here’s his music video. Perfect for college season if I do say so myself.

Lesbians, Pillow-fights & Husband Hunts

Hello Ladies & Gents,

You may or my not know that I attend a single-sex private liberal arts university in VA. It’s been amazing growing as a young woman and leader, becoming more confident and meeting some absolutely wonderful new long-lost sisters, it hasn’t come without its’ trials. Mainly; facing the myths surrounding women’s college.

Just last week a dinner with a friend and some family turned into dispelling tired assumptions about my educational choices. If we aren’t all butch lesbians, we’re bible-thumpers, or boy crazy girls who just had to separate ourselves to focus on our education.  (insert unavoidable eye roll here)

“We are not a girls’ school without men; we are a women’s college without boys.”

Contrary, the women I know didn’t choose a single sex education due to the distraction of the male physic, sorry guys. We don’t have an abnormally high number of LGBT students, and while some students do have faith most aren’t wearing an iron chastity belt; or at least she didn’t choose her higher education based on it. Here are some more myths about women’s colleges.

Personally, I made the choice of a top-notch private single-sex university because of the educational rigor, the high graduation rates, the excellent student-teacher ratio, the sisterhood, traditions, and the many success stories of the alumnae. The list goes on, even more so now that I’ve finished my first year of college and experienced some of the unexplainable joys of a single-sex university.

Sorry for the rant, but next time you come across a young woman who has made the decision to attend a single-sex university please do not insult her intelligence by bringing up one of these ignorant assumptions.


P.S. Thanks for listening, but don’t stop there! Do you attend a single-sex uni? Tell ECE about it! Have you run across one of these myths? How’d you handle it? Do you have questions about women’s colleges? Don’t be afraid to ask!

Hunks to Husbands

Hello Ladies and Gents,

I’m about to get a little Carrie B. on you guys. Nah, this isn’t the New York Star, but it’ll do. It’ll do pig. Sorry, couldn’t resist that. 8x10 Library Love -Original Fine Art Photography-Unique Anniversary or Valentine's Gift, Neutral, Book Lover, Vintage Style, Polaroid

I was chatting with my girl today, if we were in Sex and the City the musical, she’d be the Samantha I suppose. Anyways, so we were discussing labels and my reluctance to label this summer thing anything more than a summer thing when we discovered an issue we both had somehow acquired. Somewhere, after accepting our high school diploma and out growing our high school relationships we gained this realization that in college the next guy that makes it to the second date might end up being our husband someday. How scary is that? Sure, the odds are against us.  Of course we aren’t imagining every guy that walks by in miniature form on the top of a cake. Thank goodness marriage isn’t either of our life goals, but damn shit’s getting real! Excuse my French.

My Sam’s 20th birthday is a pinky-toe away. While we’re celebrating making it through our teens without any major mishaps, permanent dates on the other hand, as excited as we are to find them, are pretty damn scary. Have any of you come to this realization? Are you in the same boat as us? I’d love to know if this is a whoa, we’re growing up thing, or a weird, you guys are over-reacting! don’t have a midlife crisis in your twenties thought shared among friends?

Leave it below.