Complicated Contraptions: Bras

Hello Lovelies,

Last week I was visiting my cousin, J. He was folding his daughter’s laundry when he came across this confusing contraption. He turned it left, right, forward and backwards. Before finally jumbling it in a little pile on top of some shirts. Surprise: It was a training bra! I laughed to myself and let it slide.

In other bra related news, a friend of mine obsessed with Jenna Marbles sent me this link today, and I figured it was worth a share.

I definitely think the whole commenting on our awesome olympic athlete’s bodies’ is getting a little old but I like Jenna’s take.

What do you think?



Thinking of Perfection

I’m going to be honest…

I love this video. I love this song. I love this set. I love these clothes. I love her makeup. I love that actor. Here’s me sending my beloved to you.

Katy Perry’s Thinking of You

Hope you enjoyed! ( I know it’s kind of a depressing song, but still, it’s pretty, you will admit? )


hmm… give feedback, perhaps if wanted I can do an inspired fashion post.. ohh the possibilities.

Topsy Turvy Pony Tail How-To

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

I’ve been searching for a video that explains what I mean when I say a topsy-turvy pony-tail. Well here it is. It’s a super cute and simple style that you can do alot with.

She doesn’t show, or mention it in the video, but this is really sweet done as a side pony tail, with the ends curled! Later on I’ll post an example! Her pony is a little lop-sided, so I would add, make sure you’re pulling from the center straight down when you loop you tail under!

That’s all! Enjoy!


P.S. The girl in the video actually has her own you-tube channel and she is a wonder with makeup! Do check her out! She’s insanely talented. Her Username is Diamondsandheels14