Simple Tips

Hello Lovelies,

I found this tip over at REAL SIMPLE, and I needed to pass it along. You see, a few weeks ago while trying out a new lipstick, I made the mistake of partaking in a beverage. This obviously ended in disaster. My tea-cup was cream and gold and red all over, an absolute mess. This tip is ridiculously awkward, never thought inconspicuous glass licking would become an item on my agenda, nevertheless… I’m thinking perhaps dipping my napkin into my ice water and swiping the side of the glass might be a bit more conducive, but either way, the simple tip from REAL SIMPLE has the wheels turning.


Do share if you have better tips/ideas about keeping your lipstick on your lips, I’m eager to hear them. Also, if anyone has any magic ideas about how to keep newspaper ink off your hands that would also be infinitely helpful.




Intense Color: Covergirl OutLast Color Stain

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Last week I picked up a new covergirl lipstain in Everbloom Kiss. Usually such a vibrant pink isn’t my style. My make-up bag is packed with nude, peaches and rose pinks. All colors that highlight my natural hue instead of disguise it. I simply never believed I could pull of a bolder color.

Well, now I feel like I’ve been missing out. Don’t get me wrong, I will never give up the subtle sexiness of a barely there lipstick, but this is a new-found love. It goes on just like on would expect, similar to a paint pen, but not as gaudy, and super easy to use. It doesn’t stain drinking glasses, but will budge some when you wipe it directly. Definitely a good buy in genera. I can’t wait to try out my new stained kissers in action ;) Plus, this look is such a quick fix! Maybe I will actually make it to my morning classes on time next semeseter…we’ll see.

I keep  the vibrant color with simple and classic black eye liner, mascara and a sunkissed bronzer in place of my normal rosier look as well as retro waves or a sweet side braid.

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DIY Tinted Lipbalm

Hello Internet Users,

I’m sure you’ve all noticed tinted lip balm has been popping up a lot lately. Unfortunately, the price is also popping. Last night I found this super easy and cheap D.I.Y tinted lip balm how-to at The Camera ‘s Lying, a cute little blog about photography, fashion and beauty by Paramore devotee and English Major, Amy.  (Awesome DIY guide Amy!) I will definitely be giving it a try and follow-up with my results! Like I said, the guide is super easy and cheap, you probably have everything you need lying around your house. So check it out and let us know how it goes!