Nice Girls & Nice Boys

Nice Girls & Nice Boys

A refreshing perspective on the Steubenville rape trial. Totally worth the read, especially if your outlook on humanity is in need of a boost.



HuffPost Blogger Weighs In

Hello Lovelies

A few days ago I gave my two cents on the Taylor Swift fiasco. To summarize, don’t judge other’s based on their sexuality.  Also anyone who dates Taylor may get a song or two written about them, but they also get tons of publicity, meaning they reap plenty of rewards for the time with T. However,  Saturday morning a Huffington Post blogger weighed in, so I thought I’d share just to reiterate. Afterall, two heads are better than one.


In Defense of Young Women Who Think They’re CB

My response to the open letter:

First, we’re not girls. We’re not children. We are young women. We feed ourselves, pay our bills, drive, work, have sex, don’t have sex, study, party, read, and form our own thoughts and opinions, maybe not in that order.

Secondly, Carrie Bradshaw was a grown woman in her late thirties and forties. She wasn’t a college grad on her own for the first time writing a sex column for the New York Star. Nix the facetious attitude. I’m sure your Mac book pro is sick of it.

You’re writing like a child not getting to meet Cinderella at Disney World. Surprise! Every kid doesn’t get the princess dinner. Don’t be so naïve. Don’t tell everyone not to go to Disney.

I once had a friend who turned down a summer internship because she was going to have to alphabetize files on occasion. I thought she was an idiot. You have to pay your dues. Rarely do luxurious jobs just fall in your lap, and neither do amazing lofts or perfect relationships.

Take risks
Put yourself out there

Those are the steps to becoming successful. Pipe dreams are labels people subscribe to when they aren’t willing to work for their goals.

Third, Carrie didn’t write to become a successful writer. She wrote because she loved it. Don’t we all want to get paid for doing what we love?

Fourth, as open as Carrie was about her sex life I think she would appreciate other younger women opening up about theirs. It clears up the misconceptions, the myths, the lies. The things we tell ourselves are the norm, knowing they’re not. The things we criticize ourselves for not being able to do. The things we live with because we don’t realize they aren’t okay. If more young women are open about their sex lives, perhaps we won’t be so quick to shun young women that have sex. If more young women are open about their sex lives, perhaps we won’t be so quick to shun young women that don’t have sex.

What’s more, at the end of the day if you can only be successful because there’s no competition… are you really successful?

Use spell check by all means. Write about things besides men and sex and relationships. Have role models besides Carrie Bradshaw. If you move to New York, expect to live in a shoe box apartment. Space is limited in the city and prices are outrageous. Don’t expect to land your own column the minute you hail a taxi. Expect to take the subway and fact check instead. Make friends like Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha because you deserve them and they are out there. Then when you’re forty; you’ve worked your ass off, have a career and loft apartment: feel free not to wear a bra.

You don’t have to be Carrie Bradshaw. You can be someone else. “Someone else successful and the city.” You can be yourself and take inspiration from someone else, whatever you want to do. Still, to get where you want to go, you have to rack up the time, the experience and the refrences. If you want to be a writer and WordPress is your only outlet, don’t let another WordPress user tell you not to write. Practice makes perfect, or close enough.


It’s Monday, Be Happy

Hello Lovelies,

In the name of Monday, here’s some good news to keep your spirits up for the rest of the week. My personal favorite’s are Sweet Cop, Man teaches girlfriend to read, and College Student Hero

More things to cheer you up:

This cracks me up so bad. I must make it!

A tip: Having a small folder on your computer of images or quotes that can automatically boost your mood, is always a good idea.

Have a good Monday!


Dear 20 Somethings,

☜ Sexuality continues.

Hello 20 Something lovelies from near and far,

With my teens behind me and twenty-thirteen ahead, I thought long and hard about what my first post of the new year should be. Somehow, mid shower, with T-swift’s twenty-two blaring against the cheaply tiled bathroom of my sister’s starter apartment, it came to me: excuse my French, screw you One Direction.

My twitter feed is rolling a story of a heartbroken confused, twenty-something Taylor Swift left by Harry Styles for being an antique loving prude. It’s no secret that I’m a fan of T-Swift, scroll through my past posts the evidence is written on my wall. However, this is a matter beyond blondie.

I’m talking to you twenty-somethings, sluts and prudes alike.

Only you have the right to judge your sexual endeavors or lack there of. Period. You,  but especially not some boy band kid found on basic cable. When we subscribe to young bloods like Taylor Swift being judged for her sexual choices, we give others permission to judge us as well. Make your decisions based on you, what you want, and what’s right for you, whether in that moment, or for the long-term. Do not allow overly coiffed teeny-boppers, or “insiders” to decide what’s right and wrong with your twenty-something sexuality. Draw your own lines where you see fit, but do not tolerate slut shaming, do not tolerate prude shaming.

“People who look down on other people don’t end up being looked up to.” — Robert Half