College Cooking

Can’t get enough of Small Kitchen College.

Those sweet potatoes look freaking amazing. Enjoy my dears, enjoy.




Guests Welcome!

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Hello Bloggers and Bloggettes,

I’m hanging up the welcome sign! East Coast Elegance is on the lookout for guest bloggers on innovative do it yourself projects, gorgeous beauty updates and tutorials, and lovely lessons from the savvy student.

Have an idea for a post? Email the details to
or DM on Twitter @Eastcoastele!


picture source (this cute little etsy shop!)

Hardly a Pryamid Scheme

Hello All,

So I was paroozing the internet ( I get into specifics down there ((arrow pointing down)), and SP&A helped me come across this hilarious link. Do check it out for a laugh and some pretty darn good advice!

5 Steps to becoming the dignified lady or gent we always knew we could be, as told by Kelly Brown at Yes and Yes an awesome blog I found while catching up on my Smart Pretty and (less) Awkward tips by Molly Ford. Hmmph, say that five times fast, why dontcha.