DIY Modern Slip Cover

Super Easy DIY Tailored Slip Cover

Hello Lovelies,

I couldn’t help but share this link. I found it featured on Huff-post and it definitely belongs in your DIY toolbox. It’s perfect for thrift store finds, and easy enough for non-seamstresses to tackle. Totally worth checking out and bookmarking!


DIY: Have a Seat, Put Up Your Feet

Hello Lovely Readers,

Here is a super cute DIY perfect for dorms, apartments, lounges and all. Turn everyday crates into extra seating, or a storage ottoman with a couple easy steps. Definitely Read her directions because she had a little slip up that makes or breaks these cuties as extra-storage.



Money in the Bank: A Metallic DIY Makeover

Hello Lovelies,

I’ve finally decided on my decor scheme for my dorm in the fall. I’m thinking dark blue and marigold with white, gold and silver accents. Sort of Parisian meets eclectic.  This is a huge leap from my grey and white with lavender, black and avocado scheme from last year and I’m on a budget.  Needless to say, I’ve got some major DIY-ing ahead of me.

I started today with transforming this little pot bank I got in middle school to something a little more grown up. It used to have a star handle on the cork top, but it came off ages ago.  I decided to paint the little pot silver and decorate the top with discarded broken jewelry and a few pretty buttons.

First I took off the lid and wrapped it in a plastic bag, I twisted the bottom so it would be pulled tight and wouldn’t cover the areas I’m trying to paint.



Then I dusted off the little pot and gave it two coats of  Krylon Indoor Silver Metallic spray paint. What I love about Krylon is it’s super fast drying. I waited about five minutes and it was done drying and I took it on inside and got out my handy dandy hot-glue gun.

Before I glued anything down I tried out a few different positions for the jewelry and planned out the best way to arrange and glue it. The topping is just a broken pearl american eagle necklace, a lonesome rose forever21 earring, one lonesome gold rose button, a raised disco-esque lone button and the heart pendants from another broken ae necklace. I’m considering monograming it, but I’m a bit worried about my shaky hands ruining it. :( All in all I’m smitten with the turnout, I wish I could get a better picture of the finished project.


Tutorial Tuesday: DIY Emergency Kit

Hello Lovelies,

This is the introductory post of a new feature: Tutorial Tuesday. Each Tuesday I will offer a clever found how-to, or muster up one myself! Since I’m blogging from my sister’s apartment for the next few days (helping her out with the new baby) today’s TT will be found. :)

In the clutch: An emergency pot-holder kit.

We’ve all been there, out somewhere when we find we’re missing the singular thing that we need so desperately. An Advil for our post-party headache, the spare key you lent to your roommate, a fem. product to fend off our friend who arrived early, a band-aid for the blister about to form on the back of your heel… the list goes on. Well thanks to Jennifer, Jamie and Jodie at Eighteen25, I have a simple fix.

It’s a too-freaking-cute clutch made from a pot holder, button, ribbon, some snack sized zip lock bags and a tiny measure of elbow grease.

First find or buy an attractive pot holder (preferably with a handy outer hand pocket). Tip: Target always has a good selection of home goods.

Second, get out your sewing kit ( or machine ), a button and some ribbon. Sew your button in the center of the outer front of your soon to be emergency kit. Then loop your ribbon, crossing the two ends, and sew a simple line across, securing the ribbon.


Now lay the pot holder flat, inside up and grab your zip lock bags. With the zip edge on the outside, place one bag on one side of the pot holder. The other edge of the bag will probably overlap at the center or the pot holder. Tape the outer edge of tha bag down to keep it from sliding.  Repeat on the opposite side. Continue alternating sides with the bags until you’ve used ten bags. Next sew a line down the middle of the pot holder, securing all ten bags where they overlap.


Now fill your baggies with your emergency kit necessities.
Suggestions? Advil, Tylenol, fem. products, bobby pins, an extra hair tie, mints, a small compact, band aids, tweezers, an extra two bucks, a pen, a mini bottle of mouthwash, a mini sewing kit. Whatever floats your boat. :)

And there you have it. An emergency kit for your post-party pull it together, your  interview saver, the on the go medicine cabinet.

Hope you like and special thanks to eighteen25!


Need more help? More detailed instructions here!