This is an ever evolving list of my favorite Do It Yourself projects from around the internet. Click the pics for instructions!

For More from Glitter’NGlue

For More Lovely Undergrad, check out the link on the blog roll!

For more Under the Sycamore…

Do it yourself headband



6 thoughts on “Projects

    • Yay :) I’m glad you liked them! You may have just started, but I’m loving your blog so far. I would love to feature some of your projects on this page if I ever get my laptop out of the shop. :) You’re super talented. Keep it up!


      • ooooh that would be really really nice if you would do that. it’s really hard at the beginning to get followers and comments. You most post everyday. So i have to do soemthing everday ;p haha. are you already blogging for a long tome?

  1. @mademoisellediy Not too long, I started blogging in June. Posting regularly really helps but yeah, it’s definitely hard in the begining stages like this. But I think if you focus on your posts and interact with other blogs then the followers and comments come eventually. I have days when my stats are off the charts and other days where you can hear a virtual pin drop, haha. Just taking it one day at a time.

    Like I said, your DIY’s are awesome, totally keep it up, you could definitely be the next Glitter ‘N Glue or Under the Sycamore. :)


  2. Ooooh this is soooo nice thank you very ver much :) i am sorry that i didnt post sth the last 2 day but i had an exam today
    So there was no time. Tomorrow i ll renovate my bedroom so i ll post the results :) and there will be a give away the next time :) (dont know when cause i ll start workig as well next week) so stay on :)


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