Good Reads

Hello Lovelies,

In honor of Sunday procrastination, here my friends, is a round up of what I’m reading/listening to across the interwebs this week.

1st–  A list of questions we should all ask ourselves sometime. Usually I find these lists pretty cheesy, but I actually found these really thoughtful. (first found from Smart Pretty & Awkward)

2nd– This is genius. If feels like designers are never considering the fact that women wear these crazy things called bras. Backless tops and key holes are great, what’s not great is bra straps hanging out.  Enter this beauty.

3rd–  Horoscopes (I’m a Capricorn). Naturally this horoscope is spot on. I’m going to a poetry reading downtown this week, so fingers crossed.

4th– Another reminder why it’s important to know who you’re voting for in congress. Make sure your representative is actually representing you. Equal pay should have happened yesterday.

My Playlist: Skinny Genes -Eliza Doolittle, Machine Gun- Sara Bareilles, White Houses- Vanessa Carlton, Heartless- Childish Gambino, Next to You – Emeli Sandé


Required Reading

         If the war on women engulfed the world in 2012, here is a small list of good reads to help you undercut the warfare in 2013. Knowledge is power, my friends.

Slate – Ignored Agency

Women & Co – Apology Unaccepted

Glamour- Quit – Faking It

Huffington Post – Memory Lane

Huffington Post – Madame Senator

The Atlantic – L.L. Explains

Huffington Post – Assault Epidemic


If You Look Over My Shoulder…

Hello Lovelies,

This week, if you were to peer over my shoulder, this is what you’d find me reading:

#1 The Beauty Department’s New Nail How To

#2 J.D. Salinger’s Nine Stories


#3 The Menu at Gobble Cakes!

#4 This Tip at Smart Pretty and Awkward

#5 This Elbow Patch DIY from A Beautiful Mess

#6 Pretty much anything on Thought Catalog

 & as an Added bonus: You’ll find me listening to this as I pound through my work week:


Rory Reading Challenge

Hello Lovelies,

First I will confess. I absolutely love Gilmore Girls. When the series ended I was completely distraught. Reruns came on abc family and if I was going to be working late, I made sure to leave the tv on set to the correct channel. If I didn’t, abc family would see the low traffic during GG and cancels the reruns. It would obviously be all my fault, betraying Stars Hollow. Anyways, since then I have gained possesion of the entire series, so all is well, thank you for your concern.

You’re looking for the point. I’m getting to it, I promise. Geeze, can’t a girl set the stage? Okay, well having the information above you can imagine my excitement when I came across the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge on Smart, Pretty and Awkward (see blogroll ).  I was thrilled, and I think you will be too. It’s a terribly long list, but hey you’ve got a month left of summer, what can you knock out? Lets try together!

Here’s the link (Here I am!)

I figure any time you’re becoming more like Rory (minus that whole having an affair with a married man thing) you’re becoming a better you. Enjoy!