All the Pockets You Need

dress with pockets

Hello Lovelies,

As a woman, many of you may know, it is a rare day that I am given the glory of usable pockets in clothes. Honestly, the front pockets on women’s jeans are there for fashion not function, it’s nearly a joke. And a dress with pockets is as rare as a snowflake in hell. To be frank, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was an entire fetish site devoted to dresses with pockets for women ( I haven’t verified that, so feel free to disagree).

So, with this being said, you can imagine my surprise when I came across a perfectly fitting, semi-formal, strap-less dress in a random Goodwill in the boonies. Needless to say I was smitten. It’s a soft, barely pinstripe, lovely gray thing hitting in just the right place above my knee. The perfect sort of dress to wear to a banquet or wedding. I’m actually crossing my fingers someone gets engaged soon. If my magic finger-crossing voo-doo gets you a ring on your finger, you had best invite me. I can giveth and taketh away, my dears.

Now, as if that wasn’t enough to gush over, I have one more thing. Normally, I wouldn’t do this. I’d keep this tidbit to myself. I’d hoard it like a cat with one of those singular feather earrings, thinking  what a grand present was brought home just for me. But, here it goes:  when I told my boyfriend about this dress, knowing all the while he could never truly appreciate the glory of a dress with pockets, but sharing anyways, he said back to me:

“That’s cute, but you know you don’t need pockets… I’m your boyfriend, I’ve got all the pockets you need. :)”

I was a bit shocked at first. It was abrasively sweet. I felt like a lonely book in a Paperback exchange that finally found its’ forever home in some posh cozy book nook on the lower East side. I felt like a Taylor Swift song. He was nine hundred miles away but I felt totally embraced.  The message was teetering on overly sentimental. Still, it felt so good, not unlike that tiny rush of adrenaline in the isle of a shop when you run across a dress with pockets.




Studying Spring Style

Hello Lovelies,

For most of us Spring semester is either here or right around the corner. New classes mean new opportunities, new friends and hopefully new dates, at least for those of you that don’t attend an all women’s college. (Fear not sisters: that’s what the weekends are for.)

Coffee Date Cute

Here’s some simple inspiration for a cute coffee/study date. Cozy neutrals and bold girly pops of color. I’m not usually a fan of orange, but with cream and fuchsia, it can definitely work. Downplayed jewelry and makeup help to balance the bright bag and top.

Enjoy :)

xoxo, -E

Check shirt

Dorothy Perkins tan booties

Michael kors satchel

Bangle bracelet

Stila lip gloss


Ruche’s Fall Layering Guide


Fall Layering 2

Hello Ladies and Gents,

I’m just adding in a little link I found in my email, Ruche’s Fall Layering Guide! I think it’s super helpful, hope you do to! Look around a little I got my Spring Cotillion dress from here last year and I loved it! I’m actually wearing it in my little icon, now that I think of it. It’s the blue one :)





A Few of My Favorite Things!

Hello lovely readers,

You may or may not have noticed often times I will feature an etsy shop in my posts. Well just as a little extra does of appreciation I want to highlight a five of my favorite Etsy shops. If you don’t know, etsy is an online haven of insanely talented independent artists, designers, chefs, and jewelers (basically if you name it, they probably sell it). Shipping varies from seller to seller but most shops include rates to Canada, Europe and the U.S.

Lola’s Room is an adorable photography shop from the UK. Owner Cassia Beck describes her photos as sweet and nostalgic, and  I whole heartedly agree. Not to mention, she’s having a Christmas in July sale right now on top of her already reasonable prices.

Miss. Brache has been a favorite formal dress shop of mine for a while now. Specializing in pretty pin up styles, the dresses are customized to your size when you order. Definitely check her out!

I found Ever So Lovely while looking for local etsy shops. I was first drawn in by its location at the heart of North Carolina and their dogwood blossom banner, but I stuck around for their simple sweet and classically whimsical jewelry.

cotton candy pink earrings brass nickel free earrings - sparkly lever back dangle earringsThe inner scrapbooker and note writer inside me cannot get enough of Doodlebug Designs. Super cute stamps that can even be customized at reasonable prices. Gotta love it.

Smiling Tea Cup Hand Carved Stamp

Lastly, I’ve been a fan of GloryBDesigns for longer than I can remember, and they never fail to inspire me with their repurposed and restored furniture and housewares. Their finds are not only carefully curated but they’re fun additions to any room.

Okay, that’s all for now. Hope you enjoy some of my favorite etsy shops! Please don’t forget to sing the title to the tune of the Sound of Music. :)


Fashion Friday

Hello fashion followers,

This post is for you. I was up at this ungodly hour checking out a couple of my go-to guides and came across Keiko Lynn’s new post . And I must say, I was smitten. It’s print on print, which I’m not sure if I’m brave enough to do, with a bow embellished suede chunky heeled pump. Very cute. Also out of my budget, sadly.. very sadly.

So I went on a little quest to recreate it to the best of my thrifty abilities.

First I tackled the shoes. Which I love. The tender blue hue and subtle arch at the toe remind me of Sofia Copolla’s Marie Antoinette, which I also love, love love. Taking a nod from GlitterNGlue‘s recent livechat on embellishing shoes, I decided to do a little search and see what I came up with. And may I just say that I really do hope this non stripper, chunky heel sticks around for a while. Just looking at them makes my feet feel better.

The Shoes are target, the Hailey Pump, around $32 and the bows are from forever21 for around $3. My suggestion is warm up your hot glue gun and get to work. Save around $70 for a super similar, super cute look ( that is if you, like myself, already have the glue gun ) (also the bows are a bit bigger than pictured, I just scaled them down )

Next is the print on print which is really popular and really nerve-racking, at least for myself, as my inner fashionista, has a shyer side. It was pretty hard finding the polka-dot bottoms, so I found a light floral instead, and put the dots on top (remembering the peter pan collar )


Per typical, I went with the pastel floral motif. The top is from Lulu*s, for $37 and the jeans are from Forever21 UK for about $30-$35 (saving about $150 for the jeans)

So that’s all, I would go all out and find the cardi too, but it’s too gosh darn hot here for cardigans right now! This might be a safer version, how could anyone think you look ridiculous when you look so sweet? Hope you enjoy!

Thanks for the lovely inspiration Keiko Lynn & GlitterNGlue!


Date Night Approved

(all from Lulu*s)

I know the little black dress has been done time and time again, even I get bored with it. However, this find from Lulu’s boutique take the classic to  new level. The clean geometric lines of the back scream summer, and the front, a sweet halter,with a blossoming skirt, could kindle any romance.

I paired the dress with rose gold accented accessories, like these nude & metallic ankle strap heels, this chunky rose gold watch and the structured cream gold-edged bag.  The heavy features of the watch, and overt boxiness of the purse help balance the dainty femininity of the frock.

Too cute. What do you think?