Fuss Free Monday Hair

Hello Lovelies,

I haven’t started back classes yet, but I know when I do I’ll want a sweet and simple fuss free look to get me through the day. Hair out of my face, but more put together than a pony tail or a bun. We all want to make a good first impression,after all.

I think I’ve found the one! Thought I’d share just in case ya’ll are feeling the same. Enjoy! Courtesy of The Beauty Department.

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Topsy Turvy Pony Tail How-To

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

I’ve been searching for a video that explains what I mean when I say a topsy-turvy pony-tail. Well here it is. It’s a super cute and simple style that you can do alot with.

She doesn’t show, or mention it in the video, but this is really sweet done as a side pony tail, with the ends curled! Later on I’ll post an example! Her pony is a little lop-sided, so I would add, make sure you’re pulling from the center straight down when you loop you tail under!

That’s all! Enjoy!


P.S. The girl in the video actually has her own you-tube channel and she is a wonder with makeup! Do check her out! She’s insanely talented. Her Username is Diamondsandheels14


High Low Hem Dress: Lulu’s
Powder Pink Structured Bag: Lulu’s
Peter Pan Collar Necklace: Forever21
Coral Espadrilles Wedges: Charlotte Russe
White Skinny Jeans: American Eagle Outfitters
Bandeau Blue Cut-Out Bikini top: H&M
Braided Back Bun!

So tonight I headed over to Chinatown to window shop and stumbled across a three story Forever 21 beside an H&M. Needless to say I was in heaven. So this got me inspired ( and also a little concerned, it was like seeing my paycheck disappear before I even got it ) to do a post on all the trends I’m loving right now. Sheer tops, chunky heels, and sixties inspired makeup are all rocking my socks right now, but here are a few trends that I just can’t get out of my head.

To start,  there’s something innately sexy about these high low hem dresses. I love the added sheerness of this one, and the peachy hue. Bun’s are usually my go-to on a bad hair day, but I absolutely adore this one simply for the sake of it. I’ve always been terrible at braiding, but this do makes me want to start practicing. These peter pan inspired collar necklaces have got me swooning. They’re so whimsical and sweet. I need. I’m a sucker for heels with ankle straps, so these coral espadrilles are right up my alley. As soon as I get the chance I’m gunna pick up some white skinny jeans like these. With a lightweight colorful top they just look so effortlessly cool. It doesn’t look like I’m going to be hitting the pool much this summer but this bandeau top  is so sweet, and to boot, it’s only five dollars, a steal if there ever was one! Lastly, I am in love wih these little structured bags right now. For one, they help me limit my load, I’ll have a hobo loaded down in two snaps if I’m not careful, so these help stick with only the essentials. And hey, look how cute!

So there ya have it, this is my gotta have it list. Tell me about your summer must haves!