I’ll Be Honest

Hello there,

Here’s a confession:

Sometimes I think I would trade having children
for having an amazing in home library,
perfectly organized craft room,
and an office with a view.
Then I remember I don’t have to choose.
Thank goodness.



Life as a Working Woman Pt. 3

Okay cats,

Just showered and had dinner after a long second day at work. (emphasis on long) I’ll start from the beginning. Well, I stopped by the McDonald’s across from the bus stop for breakfast, but also for my first wake-up call that I wasn’t in Carolina anymore. I walked in looking forward to a nice warm and salty country-style ham biscuit. Unfortunately, I was given a Canadian Bacon biscuit, that despite it’s exotic name, left much to be desired.  Oh to be beneath the Mason-Dixon again… but I digress.

Once I got to work, we started things off with a pretty long and draw out conference call, half of which was the director telling an unknown office to put their phone on mute, he got pretty frustrated. (the task at hand here was keeping a straight face).  After successfully not falling asleep or laughing during the call, we got to work. Once again I talked to some awesome people ( and some not so awesome people ), but this time I’m not sure if I made quota. Luckily, I did so well yesterday I have some wiggle room. Only time will tell if I did half as well today or not, here’s hoping! Finger’s crossed!

The highlight of the day was definitely making a few friends in the office. It turns out a few of my coworkers live in my neighborhood, so we chatted about getting together on our day off, so that’s exciting! Yay first friends in the city!

After work the company wanted to take everyone out for a meal (  incentive to socialize with your co-workers) and while I was totally down, after five and half hours on my feet, my legs were killing me and I honestly don’t think I had another smile in me.  So, I headed back home. Fortunately, there’s another office dinner outing next week, so I’ll definitely attend! I mean, how nice is it that the company wants to buy the entire office dinner once a week?

Anyways, while the day wasn’t so bad, the minutes did seem to tick by like months. And, by the end of he day my face was a mess. Tips for all day drugstore makeup? Please and Thank you!

Sorry this post wasn’t so interesting, I’ll try to take note of the more thrilling parts of my day tomorrow! ;)


P.S. Since my day wasn’t so exciting, here’s a wishful video for tomorrow and you.  Enjoy the music, have a laugh at the video. Ohh fashion of the early two-thousands…

Real Women Spending

Real Women Spending

, from Fabulous Mag.com has written quite an interesting article on women, ranging from mid twenties to early forties and how much they earn and spend each month.

Well you see the reason why I’m sharing this is because, Sunday, while browsing the internet, I was searching for cute and unique boutiques within my price range around DC. What I found was that the majority of the people of the internet have no idea what my budget is. I’m a working undergrad attending a $45,000 a year school on scholarship. I do not buy three hundred and fifty Alice and Olivia dresses, no matter how much I love them. Okay?

For those of you wondering Primark is like Target, and
New Look is sort of equivalent to Forever21, or Charlotte Russe.

So fashion writers of the world! Listen up! I love fashion, but I love it for less than $49.99 okayyy?


Will the real ECE pleaseee stand up?

Hello ladies and gents,

So I have a wee little confession to make, I’m not always cheerful. Sometimes I can be downright snarky. I took a few days off of blogging, which I know is bad since I only just started, because every new blog post I started had some sort of rant intertwined in it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled to be in DC, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t come with its own share of monkey wrenches.

You see the trouble was, in my most of my favorite blogs the authors are just so darn cheerful, I could just eat them with a spoon like a pint of cotton candy ice cream. So when I detected my rants, and my patterns for writing, since they didnt align so well with my idols I just felt like I was going about it all wrong.

Then I remembered Adventures in Fratland, and I came across this blog( and this one ) that were not only owning its bitchyness but also celebrating it. So it’s decided, I’m going to try the honesty route here at East Coast Elegance, it may not always be so elegant, or even eloquent, but it’ll be real I suppose.

Tell me what you think! Are you cheerful? Are you bitchy? Are you sarcastic or snarky?

Whatever you are, own it.