Mindy Kaling, Are You Hanging Out Without Me?

Hello Lovelies,

I’m going to be honest with you. Mindy Kaling is my spirit animal. Go ahead and breathe that in.

Yes. I mean that I think she’s bad ass in a way that makes me want to get organized, have a perfect manicure , drink an awesome caramel latte and proceed to conquer the world and beyond. Author, Comedian, Screen-Writer, Dartmouth Alumni, Blogger, Lover of Loving things: this woman is too good.

Mindy has a rare quality of confidence extending past beautiful dresses and professional styling. You can see her brain ticking. She’s powerful. Hey, I’m not trying to get sappy, but she’s the kind of woman I can imagine getting lunch with. Lunch. Not a run down of each calorie she ate the night before. (Hint: that’s boring irrelevant information. SNS.) On another note, I can also totally see Mindy giving a friend a good slap when they get ridiculous. That’s a scarcely needed event, but when necessity calls, what can you do?

Successful. Witty. Talented. Respected. Gorgeous. Human. Gives me hope that maybe…maybe we can have it all.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m only suggesting that you should watch The Mindy Project, read her blog and book and respect her as an amazing human being. Prepare yourself for future President Kaling, or E, if I can channel her properly throughout my spring semester!

Read more here, because you should. 33 things you’ll learn about Mindy by hanging out with her.


P.S. Mindy,
Lets be best friends.
k, thanks.


Rory Reading Challenge

Hello Lovelies,

First I will confess. I absolutely love Gilmore Girls. When the series ended I was completely distraught. Reruns came on abc family and if I was going to be working late, I made sure to leave the tv on set to the correct channel. If I didn’t, abc family would see the low traffic during GG and cancels the reruns. It would obviously be all my fault, betraying Stars Hollow. Anyways, since then I have gained possesion of the entire series, so all is well, thank you for your concern.

You’re looking for the point. I’m getting to it, I promise. Geeze, can’t a girl set the stage? Okay, well having the information above you can imagine my excitement when I came across the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge on Smart, Pretty and Awkward (see blogroll ).  I was thrilled, and I think you will be too. It’s a terribly long list, but hey you’ve got a month left of summer, what can you knock out? Lets try together!

Here’s the link (Here I am!)

I figure any time you’re becoming more like Rory (minus that whole having an affair with a married man thing) you’re becoming a better you. Enjoy!


Booklove <3 Miss Pettigrew Lives for Day: In Review

Hello Readers of the World,

And I do hope you are all readers. I just finished Winifred Watson’s Miss Pettigrew Lives for Day ( Now a movie featuring Amy Adams ).

It was absolutely amazing. It was first published in 1938, but I would’ve never guessed it had I not read so on the back cover. It was hilarious, I actually laughed out loud on several occasions. Watson’s writing is quick and clever. She captures images beautifully as if through the lens of one of those really expensive cameras we all wish we had but could never afford. Her witticism keep you on the edge of your seat. Even if you have seen the movie ( like myself) there is so much in store for you. The book has a completely different, and gloriously perfect ending, The character’s are colorful, the scenes are magic. I would hate to have had the misfortune of never running across this book.

Do yourself a favor. Pick it up, and read it!


Something Pretty for You

by Lea Assenmach

Imagine that first hungry woman—

so intent on opening a clenched oyster.

How could she know the sweetly jellied brine

within, that wet and tender kiss?
My fingers are raw, knuckles bloody

from digging you free, prying you open.

Difficulty makes possession seem precious,

my pearl.  Don’t be afraid.  Be devoured.

I came across this poem last fall in a book of poetry I borrowed from my creative writing instructor and have since been in love.  Just eight lines with so much emotion, it’s a bit unnerving.  But I think you should take it to heart. Don’t be scared to be wholly consumed, or to try something completely off the beaten path, the results can be absolutely radical.

That is all.


P.S. Have a favorite poem? Do share! It’s only polite.


Sometimes an old man steals every seat near you on the metro so not one of the 8 hot guys standing up can sit next to you.

Sometimes you walk into a starbucks with your 3598743875 lb laptop and realize they don’t have wifi.

Sometimes your new roommate accidentally locks you out of the bathroom for the entire day.

Sometimes it sounds like the people upstairs are running laps around their apartment.

Sometimes you get lost in dupont circle for 20 minutes and miss the last bus home.

Sometimes your cheese toast just doesn’t come out right.

Sometimes you run out of the big tostitos and you can’t reach your salsa without getting your hand dirty.

Sometimes you run out of toilet paper.

Sometimes your mom spills water on your new book.

Sometimes you have a bad day. When you do, follow the directions on this list. It will help.



Hello All,

For anyone who knows me at all, it’s no secret that Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day has been one of my favorite movies for a few years now. However, what I didn’t know was that it’s a book! Yesterday, while exploring the city I popped in this little bookstore/cafe. A little cramped, a bit overpriced, but also packed with lots of booklover treasures, I was browsing the fiction section when I found it. Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, the book.


Naturally it was booklove at first sight. Set as world war II is just gaining momentum, the book follows two women over a period of twenty-four hours, after which neither of them will ever be the same. It’s glamorous, hilarious and romantic.  This is the type of book, heck and movie, that leaves you with butterflies in your stomach afterwards, and a goofy love drunk smile on your face.

My advice? Pick it up! It’s a perfect summer read, light-hearted and fun, with plenty of sizzling love interests and enough drama for two.