College Cooking

Can’t get enough of Small Kitchen College.

Those sweet potatoes look freaking amazing. Enjoy my dears, enjoy.




Southern Hospitality vs Persnickety

Hello Lovelies.

These last couple weeks I’ve been whipped around left and right. Meeting girls I think will become good friends and being thrown out of my comfort zone on fifteen new different levels. One thing that isn’t new and hasn’t changed, is my deep-rooted appreciation for Southern Hospitality.
I love inviting people over, offering a drink and a store-bought baked good. I like saying “hello” and” how are you” to the people I pass on the sidewalk.  I will always offer to treat a friend who’s low on cash when we’re out to lunch.

So when I got to college what I didn’t expect were the persnickety. The ones who invite you over but don’t want you to sit on their bed. Those who make you ask for a drink or eat in front of company. The hostesses that huff if you drop a crumb on their “pristine” tile floor.

Inside I’m seething; “come on, get over yourself“. On the outside, I’m politely watching the clock for the moment when it’s okay to leave. Of course, I’m not suggesting we all become bubbly entertainer wives in swishing hoop skirts but, if you’re settling into a new dorm on campus be aware of the persnickety.

Take their over the top pet peeves and idiosyncrasies with a grain of salt, and try to hang out in your own room, or the common room when possible. After all, you never know the story behind their strange and annoying ways.

Sorry for the bias.


Midweek <3 Moodbooster

Hello Ladies and Gents,

They say you should never go to bed mad, I’ve never really agreed with this. Sometimes I think it’s the best time to go to bed. Often times I wake up in a better mood, refreshed, renewed, revitalized… other similar “r” words. However,  there are times… especially after you’ve moved back in with your mother for the summer post your first year at college… that going to bed mad really doesn’t help since when you wake up the problem will still be there.

Inspired by this girl’s late night moodiness, here a few of my favorite pieces from across the net which will hopefully leave me and you both in a better mood for bedtime.

How To Be the Guest that Gets Invited Back : This article is an easy to follow guide on how not to be the house guests the hosts are gphotogossiping about behind closed doors, or rolling their eyes at every time you turn your head.  From parties to pool days, weekend stayovers to casual visits, this list has you covered.

Smart, Pretty & Awkward : A tangible guide to being a better you. I always feel like I’m a couple to-do lists and pencil skirts away from the oval office when I browse this website.

Teen Takeover: Three NJ teens have created a petition to have the first female moderator at a presidential debate. Between these lovely ladies, the awesome young women behind the photo-shopping petitions, the feirce five and the other teen women taking gold at the olympics, teens are taking over. As I finish up the last 5 months of my teenhood, these young women are making me proud and hopeful for our future.

Adventures in Fratland : I’ve never left this tumblr without a smile. Nuff’ said.

So there you go. Just a few of my cyber-stops on my journey to nixing a bad mood.



Wrapping Woes Be Gone

Hello  all,

I’m sure you’ve probably come across these new-fangled-contraptions in you’re own blog browsing. They’re called furoshiki wraps. They’re pretty pieces of fabric you tie around gifts in the place of wrapping paper.  All over the internet, these things are pretty simple to use, adorable, and perhaps most importantly, Eco-friendly. What they are not, is always easy on the wallet. They range from $6 bucks for smaller plainer wraps, to upward of $100 for larger designer cloths.

Here, at Uncharted Style, Michelle whipped up a DIY version perfect for father’s day. I think the print is just the right dose of masculine.

If you like, head on over to Uncharted Style for the easy to follow how-to. For an environmentally friendly obsessed pal, this trick will feel like an extra gift (as wrapping should feel).

Thanks Michelle! I love these things, but I never even considered making them myself! Duh!



You can’t buy happiness but…

you can make these, and that’s good enough for me.

Hello ladies and gents,

My sweet tooth is screaming. I just ate a spoonful of frozen Nutella and  I’m still pretty unsatisfied. So in honor of ole sweetie, here is bake-able joy.

Get the directions here (yay! Happiness!)

Thanks to Liz at Say Yes to Hoboken for the sweet post! Enjoy!