The Ideal Man

Hello Lovelies,

I just ate an entire bread dish of strawberries with sugar in under six minutes. Naturally, this got me thinking about my ideal boyfriend. Of course I know this man is a figment of my imagination, and I certainly won’t turn away a good guy if he happens not to align with my list, exhibit A. my own boyfriend currently.

So here it goes.

#1 Obviously, he needs to have a big appetite. This is most likely the thing I had in mind as I devoured 4 servings of sugar covered strawberries in record time. I have this odd habit of adjusting my eating habits to those around me. So if I’m out with a friend or new male prospect I tend to eat as long as they do. In general I have a huge appetite. The kind of appetite that allows me to finish off 4 Krispy Kreme doughnuts in five minutes and then have a hefty bowl of cereal fifteen minutes later. Save your lectures. I’m a pro. I know what I’m doing. Do not try at home.

mens shoes

#2 Good Shoes. This is a signal that this male has matured. A guy with good taste in shoes is usually thoughtful, reasonably eloquent and hopefully has a good job to pay for said shoes. I don’t know why, but a man in a nice pair of oxfords, well built boots or specifically chosen, trendy sneakers is a big turn on. This person is also likely to be a good gift giver. Happy Birthday!

#3 A good sense of humor. I know, I know. This is unoriginal. Nearly everyone on the planet, minus perhaps the Evil Witch, has this on her list. However, it’s true. I don’t want someone I can’t laugh with. I need a guy that will laugh at corny Google-found jokes. I would like someone that appreciates Will Ferrell and Mindy Kaling with the same reckless fan-girl abandon as me… also, ideally someone who is ticklish.

#4 Loves to Learn. I know we all have our special qualities, and some people aren’t meant for school. These people also aren’t meant to be my boyfriend. Sure, of course we can be friends. Let’s barbeque together! Let’s go hang by the lake. Let’s not date. As one of those wildly ambitious young ladies that get nervous when I run out of things on my to-do list, I need someone equally involved in education. Who knows when I’ll be finished with my education? Will one doctorate degree be enough? I can’t be sure, and I need someone who will be okay, even be supportive of that.
scary movie#5 Not a Scaredy Cat. It’s not that all men must be fearless, emotionless James Bonds. However, I love scary movies. I believe in ghosts and aliens. I adore those silly haunted walk things you find in cities like Charleston, South Carolina and Richmond, Virginia. I want someone to enjoy all of that with me. By enjoy all of that with me, I mean that I want someone who after watching The Ring, will convince me not to throw away all of my Disney VHS’s  I love so much. I want someone just excited as me to see Paranormal Activity 14 and World War Z. If they can convince me that the creek is not a snake pit that will collectively swallow me whole if I swing in by classic rope swing, I will swoon.

#6 Gracious Tipper… There’s an old saying that we all marry out fathers (or perhaps mother’s in some of your cases, I suppose, but we’re talking about me right now and I’m heterosexual.) Growing up my Dad was known for being a gracious tipper. We could be scrapping the bottom of the barrel just to go out to a restaurant, but if it meant everyone orders water instead of tea or soda, our server was getting a good tip. One major turn off is lowballing an excellent waitress or waiter. Give them what they deserve; for God’s sake they’re making 3.12 an hour. If you’re treating me and I have to supplement your tip, don’t expect a second date, or second base.

#6 Speaking of my parents: respect them. Respect them, but honor me. If you have done so well as to have gotten the opportunity to meet my parents, treat them with the utmost respect and you will win us all over. My parents are awesome in-laws. My mom is hilarious and sweet, and my Dad is super smart and helpful. If you were to imagine your ideal in-laws right now, you’d be envisioning my parents.  The trick here is when I fight with my parents the ideal boyfriend will support me, without bashing my parents, especially since in an hour, I will have made up with them, and sometimes changed my mind all together.


#7 Southern Exposure, the last thing I feel incredibly committed to (besides the obvious, is a nice person, has a good heart, isn’t disgusting or a racist misogynist) is that they must love and accept Southern culture. I don’t care where they’re from but they have to be open to Southern hospitality, grits and sweet tea. I have this freakish heightened since of patriotism to my state. I love North Carolina probably more than television and Ikea combined. t’s the variety state, sea, mountains and piedmont… city and country, the history is rich and the people are mostly lovely. We’re the creator of the Krispy Kreme doughnut, Pepsi, Cook Out and Bo jangles, Nicholas Sparks, and more. Not to mention first in flight, and home of the mysterious lost colony,Dirty Dancing, Ricky Bobby. Jesus, I love North Carolina. The point is, I cannot date someone who isn’t open to loving North Carolina at least half as much as I do. No jokes about marrying cousins or being toothless. In fact, that’s a good way to get a knee to the groin, just a warning.

Okay, a little longer than expected, which I guess dreams usually are more than we expect, aren’t they? What’s your ideal? Have fun with it, what qualities or quirks would your ideal boyfriend or girlfriend possess?



Studying Spring Style

Hello Lovelies,

For most of us Spring semester is either here or right around the corner. New classes mean new opportunities, new friends and hopefully new dates, at least for those of you that don’t attend an all women’s college. (Fear not sisters: that’s what the weekends are for.)

Coffee Date Cute

Here’s some simple inspiration for a cute coffee/study date. Cozy neutrals and bold girly pops of color. I’m not usually a fan of orange, but with cream and fuchsia, it can definitely work. Downplayed jewelry and makeup help to balance the bright bag and top.

Enjoy :)

xoxo, -E

Check shirt

Dorothy Perkins tan booties

Michael kors satchel

Bangle bracelet

Stila lip gloss


Note To A Frat Boy:

Dear Frat Boy,

You’re cute. No, really, you’re cute. I’m giving my friends the eye every time you casually rest your finger tips on the small of my back as you lead me through the dance floor. When you stop at the acoustic band, for some super adorable swing dancing before the heavy grinding, I’m literally melting. The fact that you aren’t smoking in between your natty lights, makes me smile too. My Daddy would approve. Oh you own your own business? Oh you’ve been self-sufficient for the past year now? Oh you own a dozen Ralph Lauren bow-ties? Oh you’re not a hard-core republican? Swoon, Swoon, Swoon.

Oh you can keep up with my witty banter? I’m literally forcing back my mile-wide grin now, and begging my doe-eyes not to give me away.That is until it’s time to head in for the night. Now,  you definitely acknowledged my comment when I told you I would be staying in the women’s guest house and not your room… But now you seem angry? Oh you are angry? You think I strung you along tonight? You think I owe it to you to follow you home now because we made out and got a little NC-17 on the concrete dance floor? Is that so?

You think it’s wise to get snarky?  Your best tactic is to become a bit aggressive? You think I can’t hear the inflections in your tone? Question: Do you realize what a 3rd degree creeper you sound like right now? No… Hmm, well newsflash, you’re scaring me a little.

Ahh, I see you aren’t sensing this. I’ll put a little distance in between us. Oh you want to walk me to the door still? Oh you’re going to put your arm around me for the rest of the walk? How about No. You’re an ass. And a creepy ass at that. Go the Hell Away.


A College Woman with Some Self Respect.

Memories in the Making

Hello Lovelies,

Tailgates, traditions, sisterhood, block-parties, the first day of classes, service projects and a frat party as the cherry on top, this week is bound to be good.  Not to mention I got my first pair of cowgirl boots today! Y’all I’m pumped. Stay tuned, because there are bound to be some stories out of this one. <3



Bit of Heaven with a Wild Side

Hello Lovelies,

July is coming to a close and the time to go back to school is just around the corner. I’ve already got my datebook filled with meetings and appointments for when I get back on campus. Inspired by Love & Theft’s Angel Eyes here are a few of my top picks.

Date Night by F21

Urban Hearts Dress, Sleeveless Sheer Pleated Crop Top

Back to School BBQ by Macy’s

Leadership Luncheon by H&M

Not my favorite video, but I do love this song!

My Glamour Horoscope Addiction

Glamour (magazine)

Glamour (magazine) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello World and faithful followers,

I just have a few things to say. First, I am in love with Glamour’s horoscope page.  Oops, that’s it. I am in love with Glamour’s horoscope page. I spent the last half-hour on it, (yes, I have a life…) learning all about myself, and my summer fling and couple potential. (Good news: we’re a really good match!)

Sorry, but anyone who doesn’t believe in horoscopes, it’s plain and simple; you’re missing out! Reading the description of myself and my fling, I just kept saying “Yes…yes… oh my gosh that’s so true!” It was so much fun. Take my word, and head on over to Glamour. I’m thinking their Astro-Match Tools might become a permenant addition to my dating-toolbox. Was that too cheesy? Sorry folks.


Hunks to Husbands

Hello Ladies and Gents,

I’m about to get a little Carrie B. on you guys. Nah, this isn’t the New York Star, but it’ll do. It’ll do pig. Sorry, couldn’t resist that. 8x10 Library Love -Original Fine Art Photography-Unique Anniversary or Valentine's Gift, Neutral, Book Lover, Vintage Style, Polaroid

I was chatting with my girl today, if we were in Sex and the City the musical, she’d be the Samantha I suppose. Anyways, so we were discussing labels and my reluctance to label this summer thing anything more than a summer thing when we discovered an issue we both had somehow acquired. Somewhere, after accepting our high school diploma and out growing our high school relationships we gained this realization that in college the next guy that makes it to the second date might end up being our husband someday. How scary is that? Sure, the odds are against us.  Of course we aren’t imagining every guy that walks by in miniature form on the top of a cake. Thank goodness marriage isn’t either of our life goals, but damn shit’s getting real! Excuse my French.

My Sam’s 20th birthday is a pinky-toe away. While we’re celebrating making it through our teens without any major mishaps, permanent dates on the other hand, as excited as we are to find them, are pretty damn scary. Have any of you come to this realization? Are you in the same boat as us? I’d love to know if this is a whoa, we’re growing up thing, or a weird, you guys are over-reacting! don’t have a midlife crisis in your twenties thought shared among friends?

Leave it below.