What if they took the keys…

“No one can drive us crazy unless we give them the keys” — Douglas Horton


Lesbians, Pillow-fights & Husband Hunts

Hello Ladies & Gents,

You may or my not know that I attend a single-sex private liberal arts university in VA. It’s been amazing growing as a young woman and leader, becoming more confident and meeting some absolutely wonderful new long-lost sisters, it hasn’t come without its’ trials. Mainly; facing the myths surrounding women’s college.

Just last week a dinner with a friend and some family turned into dispelling tired assumptions about my educational choices. If we aren’t all butch lesbians, we’re bible-thumpers, or boy crazy girls who just had to separate ourselves to focus on our education.  (insert unavoidable eye roll here)

“We are not a girls’ school without men; we are a women’s college without boys.”

Contrary, the women I know didn’t choose a single sex education due to the distraction of the male physic, sorry guys. We don’t have an abnormally high number of LGBT students, and while some students do have faith most aren’t wearing an iron chastity belt; or at least she didn’t choose her higher education based on it. Here are some more myths about women’s colleges.

Personally, I made the choice of a top-notch private single-sex university because of the educational rigor, the high graduation rates, the excellent student-teacher ratio, the sisterhood, traditions, and the many success stories of the alumnae. The list goes on, even more so now that I’ve finished my first year of college and experienced some of the unexplainable joys of a single-sex university.

Sorry for the rant, but next time you come across a young woman who has made the decision to attend a single-sex university please do not insult her intelligence by bringing up one of these ignorant assumptions.


P.S. Thanks for listening, but don’t stop there! Do you attend a single-sex uni? Tell ECE about it! Have you run across one of these myths? How’d you handle it? Do you have questions about women’s colleges? Don’t be afraid to ask!

Hardly a Pryamid Scheme

Hello All,

So I was paroozing the internet ( I get into specifics down there ((arrow pointing down)), and SP&A helped me come across this hilarious link. Do check it out for a laugh and some pretty darn good advice!

5 Steps to becoming the dignified lady or gent we always knew we could be, as told by Kelly Brown at Yes and Yes an awesome blog I found while catching up on my Smart Pretty and (less) Awkward tips by Molly Ford. Hmmph, say that five times fast, why dontcha.


Friday Night Out?

Hello Ladies,

I’m exhausted from the past two days settling in to my new job, but that hasn’t stopped me from planning my outfit for going out tomorrow night (that is if I can stand after work) . My style usually is ultra feminine, but not necessarily super bold. So while it would take some pretty intense sedatives for me to have enough courage to wear hot pink pants, shorts I can manage ( with some neutral solids of course. ) What’da ya think? I’m thinking it’s safe but sassy.

Hot Pink Slightly Ripped Denim Shorts (F21)
Taupe Sweater w/ button up Shoulders (F21)
White Skinny Belt (F21)
Nude Heels (Charlotte russe)
Black Chain Purse (thrifted)

As you can see, my shopping habits linger on the uber cheap side: hey I’m a college student, whateryougunnado?

Life as a Working Woman

So, I started to title this post Day #1, for real though, but then I remembered that scene in p.s. I love you. Do you remember the one? It was in the little apartment, pre-funeral, when Gerald Butler is holding Hillary Swank expaining to her that this is her life, it’s already begun, it’s already stared. Well he’s right. Life’s already started, tomorrow will be day six of my summer here in DC and my first day at work.

I’m scared silly, to say the least.
But here’s to meeting new people, trying new things, and going new places. Cheers!

to be continued…


Will the real ECE pleaseee stand up?

Hello ladies and gents,

So I have a wee little confession to make, I’m not always cheerful. Sometimes I can be downright snarky. I took a few days off of blogging, which I know is bad since I only just started, because every new blog post I started had some sort of rant intertwined in it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled to be in DC, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t come with its own share of monkey wrenches.

You see the trouble was, in my most of my favorite blogs the authors are just so darn cheerful, I could just eat them with a spoon like a pint of cotton candy ice cream. So when I detected my rants, and my patterns for writing, since they didnt align so well with my idols I just felt like I was going about it all wrong.

Then I remembered Adventures in Fratland, and I came across this blog( and this one ) that were not only owning its bitchyness but also celebrating it. So it’s decided, I’m going to try the honesty route here at East Coast Elegance, it may not always be so elegant, or even eloquent, but it’ll be real I suppose.

Tell me what you think! Are you cheerful? Are you bitchy? Are you sarcastic or snarky?

Whatever you are, own it.