TFH: Who Runs the World?

Original image by Diana Walker for Time.

Hello Lovelies,

In case you needed a smile on this lovely freezing Wednesday morning, please enjoy a reminder of why Hillary is so badass.



Lost in Transportation: A Public Transit Story

Hello Lovelies,
Have you ever taken unintentionally bad advice? I have! It’s one of those situations, like maybe I shouldn’t have taken advice on how to swim from a moose, but oh well, it’s done now.  Last night due to some unintentionally bad advice, I hopped into the wrong bus, went to kingdom come and back before finally getting off the ride and taking refuge in the Barnes and Noble across the street.
Now in my dreams of what heaven or paradise looked like , I often imagined a glorious library, with perfect duvets in window nooks. This Barnes and Noble didn’t follow-through completely, but with free internet, it was pretty damn close.So there I was, waiting on my sister ( who I had a Facebook friend message) to pick me up, I would say “save” but I think I saved myself by getting off that darn bus when I did. Although she definitely helped. ;)Besides the terror that I would never be picked up, closing time would come, and like an unwanted puppy, I would be left on the door step to freeze, my experience wasn’t to bad. And I admit, this is no reflection on actual public transit, which has been a doll for me until now.Still, I did take a few lessons away from my experience:

Advice from a seasoned terrible traveler?

#1 January is an excellent time to buy christmas/birthday presents for your book loving friends. Everything’s on sale!
#2 Trust your gut, never be afraid to abandon ship.
#3 Never be afraid to ask to use a phone.
#4 Don’t forget your resources: Free wifi, Facebook, Google maps.
#5 If you’re going to be stranded, pick a good spot to be stranded in.
#6 Outbound buses DO NOT always loop around.

Lists Can Be Lifesavers Too

Hello Lovelies,

Truth, I’ve missed you. I’m stressed to the max right now, but as a pledge to get back to blogging here is a list of things I’m looking at right now to keep from punching people in the face, just to help you relate.

People are taken aback by a confident, pretty girl who knows what
she wants in life and isn’t going to let anyone get in her way” — Summer Altice

Playlist: TLC: Waterfalls,
Taylor Swift: Begin Again, Boyz II Men: I’ll Make Love to You,
Maroon 5: Payphone, Beyonce: Halo

Love Twenty



Packed In Some Family Time

Hello Folks,

This morning we decided to take a trip to Charlotte to visit with my sister and nephew. I may not get a lot of WP time, so here’s a video to enjoy in the mean time. Although it’s Jenna Marbles and not me, it was basically the same situation when I was packing.

Hope you enjoyed my dears.


Midweek <3 Moodbooster

Hello Ladies and Gents,

They say you should never go to bed mad, I’ve never really agreed with this. Sometimes I think it’s the best time to go to bed. Often times I wake up in a better mood, refreshed, renewed, revitalized… other similar “r” words. However,  there are times… especially after you’ve moved back in with your mother for the summer post your first year at college… that going to bed mad really doesn’t help since when you wake up the problem will still be there.

Inspired by this girl’s late night moodiness, here a few of my favorite pieces from across the net which will hopefully leave me and you both in a better mood for bedtime.

How To Be the Guest that Gets Invited Back : This article is an easy to follow guide on how not to be the house guests the hosts are gphotogossiping about behind closed doors, or rolling their eyes at every time you turn your head.  From parties to pool days, weekend stayovers to casual visits, this list has you covered.

Smart, Pretty & Awkward : A tangible guide to being a better you. I always feel like I’m a couple to-do lists and pencil skirts away from the oval office when I browse this website.

Teen Takeover: Three NJ teens have created a petition to have the first female moderator at a presidential debate. Between these lovely ladies, the awesome young women behind the photo-shopping petitions, the feirce five and the other teen women taking gold at the olympics, teens are taking over. As I finish up the last 5 months of my teenhood, these young women are making me proud and hopeful for our future.

Adventures in Fratland : I’ve never left this tumblr without a smile. Nuff’ said.

So there you go. Just a few of my cyber-stops on my journey to nixing a bad mood.



Lessons Learned: Romance Rewind

Hello darlings,

I’ve got a bit of news. Tomorrow night I have a dinner date with a guy I’ve been talking to the past few weeks (starting sometime after my computer jumped off the table to its’ death). He’s tall, dark and handsome, has an awesome sense of humor, his family is normal, he’s a gentlemen, and he goes to a top-notch university. Yes, I’m also concerned this is too good to be true. For now it’s a summer fling,  but who knows. However, this got me thinking. With only a month left of summer I thought what better a time to discuss the whirlwind year I’ve had dating, and offer a bit of advice to the class of 2016.

Dinner Date

Like I said last year was a whirlwind. I went from being in a million year long amazing relationship to devastatingly heartbroken, to sexy and single and everything in between. Here’s a little of what I learned…

If you’re in a long distance relationship: You’re a priority, and so is he/she. Sometimes, (key word some times) y’all will have to turn down going out with the new gang to skype each other. You need to devote time to them just like before, and vice versa, if this isn’t happening, your ldr simply will not work. Believe me, I’ve been there.

About the cutie you just met on the dance floor: Only give him your number if you actually want him to text you (and you want to text back) Sure it’s an ego boost when he messages you that night, but it’s a huge downer for him when you ignore all his messages and giggle with your friends about it. Dance with him, make-out a bit if you feel so inclined, but at the end of the night be honest. Heck, in the middle of the night if you aren’t feeling it be honest! You’ll probably never see him again anyways. YOLO right?

About the hot waiter/volunteer fireman who just left his number on your receipt: Leave your number, but when you plan to meet up, pick a public place in the middle of the day. I chose coffee on campus. You have somewhere to be if it turns out bad. He doesn’t know where you live if he turns out to be a stalker, and you can say lets grab lunch if it goes really well.

Coffee date with the ladies.

Extras: If you really like the catch you took to formal, don’t play hard-to-get high school-esque games, especially if he’s already put himself out there. Enjoy being single in college. Never waste a night at the frats dancing with the wrong guy. Beware of the jacks during kings. Facebook stalking a relationship status is okay, (you may save yourself from being the other woman) but don’t learn his life story. Take chances but always be safe.



Sometimes an old man steals every seat near you on the metro so not one of the 8 hot guys standing up can sit next to you.

Sometimes you walk into a starbucks with your 3598743875 lb laptop and realize they don’t have wifi.

Sometimes your new roommate accidentally locks you out of the bathroom for the entire day.

Sometimes it sounds like the people upstairs are running laps around their apartment.

Sometimes you get lost in dupont circle for 20 minutes and miss the last bus home.

Sometimes your cheese toast just doesn’t come out right.

Sometimes you run out of the big tostitos and you can’t reach your salsa without getting your hand dirty.

Sometimes you run out of toilet paper.

Sometimes your mom spills water on your new book.

Sometimes you have a bad day. When you do, follow the directions on this list. It will help.