Genius Mini Touch Up Kit

Hello Lovelies,

I could not help but share this link. In case you missed it The Beauty Department posted the most clever DIY touch up kit. It’ll work no matter how itty-bitty your clutch is for going out. I’d dare say, it would even easily fit in your front pocket if you’re going casual in your favorite short-shorts.

Here’s the link. All you need is a spare contact case, which you can usually get free with your contact cleaner. I know I have about a half-dozen in my vanity. Leave the clunky foundation and blush cases at home and give this a try!

Super Clever Clutch Kit

Enjoy Lovelies! And awesome post TBD.  :)



Date Night Approved

(all from Lulu*s)

I know the little black dress has been done time and time again, even I get bored with it. However, this find from Lulu’s boutique take the classic to  new level. The clean geometric lines of the back scream summer, and the front, a sweet halter,with a blossoming skirt, could kindle any romance.

I paired the dress with rose gold accented accessories, like these nude & metallic ankle strap heels, this chunky rose gold watch and the structured cream gold-edged bag.  The heavy features of the watch, and overt boxiness of the purse help balance the dainty femininity of the frock.

Too cute. What do you think?



Friday Night Out?

Hello Ladies,

I’m exhausted from the past two days settling in to my new job, but that hasn’t stopped me from planning my outfit for going out tomorrow night (that is if I can stand after work) . My style usually is ultra feminine, but not necessarily super bold. So while it would take some pretty intense sedatives for me to have enough courage to wear hot pink pants, shorts I can manage ( with some neutral solids of course. ) What’da ya think? I’m thinking it’s safe but sassy.

Hot Pink Slightly Ripped Denim Shorts (F21)
Taupe Sweater w/ button up Shoulders (F21)
White Skinny Belt (F21)
Nude Heels (Charlotte russe)
Black Chain Purse (thrifted)

As you can see, my shopping habits linger on the uber cheap side: hey I’m a college student, whateryougunnado?