College Cooking

Can’t get enough of Small Kitchen College.

Those sweet potatoes look freaking amazing. Enjoy my dears, enjoy.




No Abuse with that Burger Please

Hello Ladies and Gents,

Left and right the culinary world is exercising their right to take positions on more than margarine vs, butter. Recently Chic-fil-A added homophobia to their recipe. Now restaurants across America have added abuse to their mix. Ms. Magazine blog reported an uprising of ignorant business owners capitalizing off of their trivialization of domestic abuse.  Right: a chalkboard window display proves food & beverage establishments should stick to their day jobs and leave the comedy to those without such a sick sense of humor.

Moral of the story: There is no such thing as a funny joke about domestic abuse, so don’t bother.  25% of women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime. That’s nothing to laugh at, or capitalize from.

Help? Whether you need help, or you want to give help you can find shelters here. You can use your dollar to put an end to domestic abuse here, and you can learn more about how and what you can do to help here.

To read the original article at Ms. Magazine Blog, click here.

You can’t buy happiness but…

you can make these, and that’s good enough for me.

Hello ladies and gents,

My sweet tooth is screaming. I just ate a spoonful of frozen Nutella and  I’m still pretty unsatisfied. So in honor of ole sweetie, here is bake-able joy.

Get the directions here (yay! Happiness!)

Thanks to Liz at Say Yes to Hoboken for the sweet post! Enjoy!