It’s Monday, Be Happy

Hello Lovelies,

In the name of Monday, here’s some good news to keep your spirits up for the rest of the week. My personal favorite’s are Sweet Cop, Man teaches girlfriend to read, and College Student Hero

More things to cheer you up:

This cracks me up so bad. I must make it!

A tip: Having a small folder on your computer of images or quotes that can automatically boost your mood, is always a good idea.

Have a good Monday!



True Life: Unfortunately.

Hello Ladies and Gents,

Heads up: This post is best read to the soundtrack: Hiroshima by Ben Folds

fainting woman on sofa Ready, Set, Summer!

Well I’ll start by saying my title is pretty dramatic. Now the truth is kinda redick: I fainted in front of my non-boyfriend while listening to a Bill Clinton speech, but hey, things could be worse right?

I have a non-boyfriend (an unofficial boyfriend kind of) . He’s sweet, smart and sexy, the three s’s of a really great non-boyfriend. We’ve been talking for a month and a half, so ideally, I would’ve left the fainting for after we’d at least become official.

However, my empty stomach; over excited in an overheated high school gymnasium disagreed.  So there, half way through Bill’s rally for Obama, I went down, kind of slinked down his legs to the ground, so at least I didn’t completely fall over…yet. Nope, then I tried to walk to the bathroom, went down again… then fell over into a pole. Life was too good.

Some lady holding a slobbery toddler then tried to feed me applesauce out of a pouch, to which I had enough good sense to say uhh no thanks! I’d like to hold on to a shred of my dignity tonight! This was after an EMS worker basically gave me the prime diagnosis that I was a freaking idiot and needed to not be anorexic and eat a damn meal. Cool, thanks I’ll get on that right way!

Yep, that happened. Sometimes I just wonder if my life is simply a joke to amuse you folks. But hey, things could be worse. I could’ve wet my pants, I could’ve groped some elderly man on the way out, Bill could’ve jumped from the stage to save me from hitting that pole, hmm that actually would’ve been nice.

Oh well, let me here it. Have you fainted at an incredibly inconvenient time? Has a thirty-something year old tiger mom tried to feed your nineteen year old self apple sauce from a pouch? Do share.



Kiss Kiss

Hello Pretty People,

Kiss Me Stupid

How was your Tuesday? Good? Bad? In between? Well if you’re in the mood for a pick-me-up, or you would just enjoy a little romance on this lovely Tuesday evening, I think I have the trick. The MTV Movie Awards 2012 Best Kiss nominee videos. Yes, this is bookmarked on my computer. Do proceed to be overwhelmed by jealousy that you didn’t think of yourself, then get over that, and book mark it yourself. It’s the perfect late night pick me up if you ask me. Enjoy my dears!


No Abuse with that Burger Please

Hello Ladies and Gents,

Left and right the culinary world is exercising their right to take positions on more than margarine vs, butter. Recently Chic-fil-A added homophobia to their recipe. Now restaurants across America have added abuse to their mix. Ms. Magazine blog reported an uprising of ignorant business owners capitalizing off of their trivialization of domestic abuse.  Right: a chalkboard window display proves food & beverage establishments should stick to their day jobs and leave the comedy to those without such a sick sense of humor.

Moral of the story: There is no such thing as a funny joke about domestic abuse, so don’t bother.  25% of women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime. That’s nothing to laugh at, or capitalize from.

Help? Whether you need help, or you want to give help you can find shelters here. You can use your dollar to put an end to domestic abuse here, and you can learn more about how and what you can do to help here.

To read the original article at Ms. Magazine Blog, click here.


Not a review of L’oreal cosmetics, just a little pick me up. Posts might be scarce the next few days, I’ve got a new nephew in the family! Needless to say things are a little preoccupied. But if things are frustrating, or getting you blue today, just remember, you’re worth it.


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Life as a Working Woman Pt. 2

Hello All,

So, suspensefully, I added to be continued to my post “Life as a Working Woman”, I’m sure you recall, if not head on over to recent posts, click the link, and check for yourself if you don’t believe me.


Told you so. Anyways, today was the continued part. At approx. 8:16 am I boarded a bus to the metro station, then boarded a metro, and then finally at approx. 9:14 am, I arrived in Dupont to get breakfast before I started my new summer job. Well to say the least I was nervous, but I began may day right with 180% of my daily vitamin C, (thanks apple juice! Keeping my immune system strong like a champ) and then headed over to the office.

I began on a sort of clumsy foot, pressing the little intercom buzzer three times before I figured out they were telling me stop hitting the button and come on up, mini-fail, but I had time to recover. I went around and introduced myself, learned their special motivating clap, (I’d share but it’s top secret) ;) , trained for a while and then got straight to work.

How was it, you ask? How did I do?

Claps for E! I did great! Lots of nerves for nothing so far. I can’t give specifics, but it was so much fun. I tripled my expected quota, talked with some awesome people, who were actually interested in what I had to say and really spread my little social butterfly wings. Yay for success! It’s only the first day, so there’s plenty of room for mistakes, screwups and probably even a few failures, so I’m taking it all in with a grain of salt, but boy does it feel good today!

Cheers to learning as you go, promotions on the first day, and a helluva bonus! <3


P.S. Do you have any success you would like to share? Do something outstanding? Scored an internship? Tell me about it!
The celebration doesn’t have to end here!