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Hello Lovelies,

You may have noticed my glorious little counter in the bottom corner that excitedly proclaims only two more days til I’m back on campus! “What does that mean for East Cost Elegance?” You ask. Never fear my dears! Although my J. Adler Agenda is packed to the brim with meetings, appointments and to-do lists,  I am beyond excited to transfer some of my École enthusiasm to ECE.

Now, I want your opinion. What types of posts would you like to see this Fall on East Coast Elegance? Here’s your chance! I’m listening! Help me keep things fabulous and relevant.

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I’ll Be Honest

Hello there,

Here’s a confession:

Sometimes I think I would trade having children
for having an amazing in home library,
perfectly organized craft room,
and an office with a view.
Then I remember I don’t have to choose.
Thank goodness.


Dorm Daze

Hello all,

I know it’s early, I don’t go back to school until August, but I’m pretty excited. I’ve got a new space, all too myself (that’s right no roommate) and to boot, it’s not a shoe box (not that my room last year was, it was actually pretty lovely.. but anyways). Hard wood floors, two large windows, a nook for my bed, (or desk and bookshelf) I can’t decide… and a wing-back chair I’m upholstering and bringing along. It all spells out a space worth getting excited for.

If only I could decide on my style path. I’ve lingered on eclectic colorful, lush blush, country cozy, and some sort of vintagey-jewel toned thing I haven’t gotten a name for yet. However, nothing is sticking quite yet. So I thought I’d share a bit of inspiration I’ve been eyeing.

Clean lines, romantic arches, idle floral prints, eclectic frame collections, marigold and rose and muted pastels. They’ve got my head simply spinning.

What to you think? Got a favorite style or go to palate? Help me out! leave it below!


(all photos from apartment therapy)

When in Rome…

Or more specifically, when decorating think like a decorator. It’s the perfect season for airing things out, rearranging, repurposing and DIY updates but with all that hubabaloo you might be feeling a bit lost in the maze. You want something, but you aren’t sure what, or how to achieve it. I’ve been there, believe me.


To help you through, here’s a link ( help! ) in which seven professional designers help you unravel the tangles in your design. Whether you are painting, rearranging, or accessorizing they’ve got your answers.


picture source