Day #1


So day one had some good times and some bad times…

Good Times:

Dinner at Potbelly’s- So I know the pictures a little fuzzy, I’ll work on that in the future, but I had an amazingg salad, super cheap for my first meal as an independent undergrad. I don’t remember the name of the specific salad, but it was romaine lettuce, red grapes, grilled chicken, cranberries and apple slices with you’re choice of dressing. <3 Super Tasty, and I got to sit up in the window and people watch while I ate, which was actually really inspiring (so much fun fashion walks right by), Don’t worry, I took notes, and I’ll be passing them along.

Successfully navigating the MD & DC Metro system! -Nothing feels better than doing something completely on your own and getting it right the first time. Am I right? I had my doubts when I got on my  the bus and was shuttled away from my familiar nook ,but I left my new apartment in MD, found my destination in DC, and got back smooth as Don Draper circa season 2. Huge Win for E.

Bad times:

With the memory of the sweet southern summer sunshine still fresh in my mind, I got on that bus in cropped denim jeans, white strappy sandles, a loose floral tank and my hair in a boho-y side braid, needless to say all was well. That is until I got off the metro and looked up. The clouds were sunken in, nearly brushing the top of the city buildings. Before I could get out a sigh of disappointment, the bottom fell out. What began as a sprinkle flipped into a storm in a matter of minutes. Of course I had no umbrella. After walking three blocks in the rain, I finally found a starbucks & a walgreens, thank goodness.

I went into the bathroom looking like a wet rat. First, I took out my handy-dandy cardi and buttoned it over my tank, which I felt ridiculous in due to the horrible weather. Then I dried my hair a bit under the hand dryer and styled it into a neat high bun. Last I patted off the excess water with some paper towels and ordered an Iced White Chocolate Mocha.  I’d say this part at least was a mini success.

(Note: Always carry an umbrella & a hair-tie, never underestimate the power of a public restroom. )


P.S. Get that Cardi here!


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