Post-pone that Transfer App!

Hello Folks,

It seems since getting back to school I’ve done quite a few posts on college advice for first years. Well I’m going to try to put it on ice for a little while but before I do, I’m going to give one more piece of advice.

This is for the unhappy ones. Bored, or lonely, or are simply positive they just don’t fit in. You’re ready to transfer. Certain that the problem is the university, and sometimes it is. Often however, (and I’m not bashing you) it’s that you haven’t pushed yourself out to find your niche.

My College Sucks Big Time
You might be worried about your protecting your scholarship, or not getting caught up in the partying or even overwhelmed by clubs. But listen, I promise you won’t regret it. Go out and find one club to get involved in. One club, or team, or organization.
Devote yourself to it. Get to know the members. Learn something new from them, take on a little responsibility. No growth or good can happen in the comfort zone. Finding a small passion can change your entire outlook on where you are and why. You will be bored if you hang out in your room constantly looking at YouTube videos. You will be lonely if you’re constantly texting friends from home and going to McDonald’s for dinner. You will not fit in if you don’t try.

I promise your university isn’t going to snatch away your scholarship after one semester, and part of college is learning to balance. You can’t learn to balance if all you do is attend class, do homework, sleep and occupy your room. Making friends is great. You might’ve made a few already, but even making friends won’t always make you feel attached to a university. You need to empower yourself, and see yourself grow there. That’s what will make you feel at home, like there you can do anything. The bigger schools are always going to have more parties and bigger sporting events. So while you’re moping about that, remember that at smaller schools you usually have more power as a student and more one on one attention from professors and advisors.

I’m not asking you to go join five clubs, stop doing your homework, bash other schools or to stay all four years at a school you despise. But I do dare you to stay one or two semesters where you truly try to engage in something you might be interested in. You may be surprised at how different things can turn out.

Best of luck,


Hunks to Husbands

Hello Ladies and Gents,

I’m about to get a little Carrie B. on you guys. Nah, this isn’t the New York Star, but it’ll do. It’ll do pig. Sorry, couldn’t resist that. 8x10 Library Love -Original Fine Art Photography-Unique Anniversary or Valentine's Gift, Neutral, Book Lover, Vintage Style, Polaroid

I was chatting with my girl today, if we were in Sex and the City the musical, she’d be the Samantha I suppose. Anyways, so we were discussing labels and my reluctance to label this summer thing anything more than a summer thing when we discovered an issue we both had somehow acquired. Somewhere, after accepting our high school diploma and out growing our high school relationships we gained this realization that in college the next guy that makes it to the second date might end up being our husband someday. How scary is that? Sure, the odds are against us.  Of course we aren’t imagining every guy that walks by in miniature form on the top of a cake. Thank goodness marriage isn’t either of our life goals, but damn shit’s getting real! Excuse my French.

My Sam’s 20th birthday is a pinky-toe away. While we’re celebrating making it through our teens without any major mishaps, permanent dates on the other hand, as excited as we are to find them, are pretty damn scary. Have any of you come to this realization? Are you in the same boat as us? I’d love to know if this is a whoa, we’re growing up thing, or a weird, you guys are over-reacting! don’t have a midlife crisis in your twenties thought shared among friends?

Leave it below.


1 Month & Counting

Hello Lovelies,

Today is a special day.  Today marks one month until I am back at Uni. In honor of this glorious day I have a few college tips for the unassuming college freshman.

#1 Pack More Than One.  Maybe I’m being stereotypical, maybe I’m lazy

photoor high-maintence. Late at night, during those hours they say everything you consume goes straight to your hips, the last thing I ever felt like doing was washing dishes. Furthermore, on a Friday night, when I began my going-out routine, nothing spoiled it faster than dirty towels. Sure laundry has to be done eventually, and dishes… well I learned the hard way RA’s aren’t joking about wash or get tossed. So do yourself a favor and don’t be so skimpy on the bits and pieces. You’ll be thankful junior year when you move into an apartment and have more than one fork.P.s. Do start saving your quarters now…

#2 Do make time for yourself.  Roommates, hallmates, friends, club-members… It’s easy to get caught up hanging out with others constantly. It’s fun, they’re hysterical, they have a car, you may have adopted a “they like to drink! So do we!” mentality. However… eventually, it will take its toll. I promise. Wether it’s a morning jog, an after class cup of coffee, or a late night soap opera you’re too embarrassed to watch with your usual crew. This may be the difference between happy healthy relationships with the new people you meet, and biting your roommate’s head off after their third harry-potter marathon.


 #3 Soften the Blow This one was a big one for me. Most people change during their first year of college, hopefully for the better. You may become the leader you always wanted to be, you may become more adventurous. You may transform from a lazy bum allergic to treadmills to an active human (good for you!) Who knows, the main point is you’re going to change at least a little when you enter such a new atmosphere. Your family might have a hard time wrapping their head around the new you. So I strongly suggest keeping them updated on your life. Picked up a new hobby? Tell them about it. And when they say for the fifth time, “But you never ate sushi beforeee!!” take a deep breath, and perhaps offer to get some lobster rolls for lunch next week.

That’s all for now.


Have some tips you couldn’t live without freshman year? Leave them below! It’s only polite.

Tutorial Tuesday: DIY Emergency Kit

Hello Lovelies,

This is the introductory post of a new feature: Tutorial Tuesday. Each Tuesday I will offer a clever found how-to, or muster up one myself! Since I’m blogging from my sister’s apartment for the next few days (helping her out with the new baby) today’s TT will be found. :)

In the clutch: An emergency pot-holder kit.

We’ve all been there, out somewhere when we find we’re missing the singular thing that we need so desperately. An Advil for our post-party headache, the spare key you lent to your roommate, a fem. product to fend off our friend who arrived early, a band-aid for the blister about to form on the back of your heel… the list goes on. Well thanks to Jennifer, Jamie and Jodie at Eighteen25, I have a simple fix.

It’s a too-freaking-cute clutch made from a pot holder, button, ribbon, some snack sized zip lock bags and a tiny measure of elbow grease.

First find or buy an attractive pot holder (preferably with a handy outer hand pocket). Tip: Target always has a good selection of home goods.

Second, get out your sewing kit ( or machine ), a button and some ribbon. Sew your button in the center of the outer front of your soon to be emergency kit. Then loop your ribbon, crossing the two ends, and sew a simple line across, securing the ribbon.


Now lay the pot holder flat, inside up and grab your zip lock bags. With the zip edge on the outside, place one bag on one side of the pot holder. The other edge of the bag will probably overlap at the center or the pot holder. Tape the outer edge of tha bag down to keep it from sliding.  Repeat on the opposite side. Continue alternating sides with the bags until you’ve used ten bags. Next sew a line down the middle of the pot holder, securing all ten bags where they overlap.


Now fill your baggies with your emergency kit necessities.
Suggestions? Advil, Tylenol, fem. products, bobby pins, an extra hair tie, mints, a small compact, band aids, tweezers, an extra two bucks, a pen, a mini bottle of mouthwash, a mini sewing kit. Whatever floats your boat. :)

And there you have it. An emergency kit for your post-party pull it together, your  interview saver, the on the go medicine cabinet.

Hope you like and special thanks to eighteen25!


Need more help? More detailed instructions here!

Guests Welcome!

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Hello Bloggers and Bloggettes,

I’m hanging up the welcome sign! East Coast Elegance is on the lookout for guest bloggers on innovative do it yourself projects, gorgeous beauty updates and tutorials, and lovely lessons from the savvy student.

Have an idea for a post? Email the details to
or DM on Twitter @Eastcoastele!


picture source (this cute little etsy shop!)

Fabulous Faux Wood DIY

Hello ladies and gents,

I’ve been a bad blogger the past few days, but I promise I will get better! In the mean time, take a look at this super simple and cheap DIY project by Josie from Fine and Feathered.

She takes super cheap  wood grain contact paper from the dollar store and gives her tired laptop an awesome makeover. Are you taking your scratched up tag-along laptop to college? Are you looking for an easy way to standout among the sea of mac pros or dell inspirons? Do you just want to add a little flair? This might be the DIY for you. Check out the link for the guide!

Backpack – Breakdown!

Hello lovelies,

It’s soon to be that time of year again. The discount stores will be packed with fresh notebooks, fully inked pins and post it notes in every color. Blogging inspiration will be rampant. Before you know it, you’ll be picking out new rainboots, snuggling into your favorite jeans, and clutching your lucky blue ink-pen like there’s no tomorrow… or maybe that’s just me. Oh well. Click the pics!

For those of you beginning your first semester of college here’s a breakdown of what’ll be in my backpack and should be in yours.

Little Must Haves:

Cute Coffee Cup Cozy                                                        Go To Earrings


Pretty Purposeful Planner                                           Kiss-Demanding Lip Balm

A cute personalized cozy can be a social-life saver. Pop your favorite iced or hot coffee into it, and collect the inevitable compliments, and probably a few friends too. Looking for a study buddy, someone to grab lunch with after class, an in for the apartment party you haven’t been invited to yet? This guy keeps on giving.

Picture this. It’s raining. Your hair won’t do what you want. You didn’t have time to perfect your make up, and your outfit just isn’t giving you the pep you need. To boot, you might’ve just gotten a less than satisfactory grade on that last paper, you missed the latest ANTM,  and your cute crush in the third row is chatting with that brat from the third floor. Ew. Needless to say, you need a boost. Tuck these babies in: your go to earrings, the ones that put the sparkle in your eye, and the bounce in your ‘natural’ waves.  I always feel better when I’m wearing these bad-boys.

Okay, you’ve taken on a bit more than you can chew. Like me, you’re the Pres. of a club, an Resident Assistant, and you’re chomping at 20 credits this semester. Not to mention you really would like to tryyyyy to go to the gym this lifetime ;) Throw in friends, formals, dates and family…  you’re to-do list is bursting. You need this customizable Planner. Believe me it’s worth it. Splurge for the binding strap, at least.

A new climate can be terror on your lips. Keep your kissers pillow soft with your fav. lip balm. I always go for the barely there flavor, leave just a little something to remember you by…

Just a few tips, more on the way.