Ruche’s Fall Layering Guide


Fall Layering 2

Hello Ladies and Gents,

I’m just adding in a little link I found in my email, Ruche’s Fall Layering Guide! I think it’s super helpful, hope you do to! Look around a little I got my Spring Cotillion dress from here last year and I loved it! I’m actually wearing it in my little icon, now that I think of it. It’s the blue one :)






Confessions of a Goodwill Goddess: Part 2

Hello folks,

I couldn’t help myself. After a quick trip to sweet frog with my ladies, we stopped again at Goodwill. I tried on some duds, a pair of Tommy Hilfiger jeans that made my butt morph from what my summer fling described as a perfect handful to a sad misshapen square of a thing. Dislike.

But then, amidst the gore were these cuties; a pair of Ann Taylor Loft red polka dot shorts and a pair of Express fuchsia dress shorts. Both the perfect length for class and with enough booty pop for a casual apartment party here or there. All for six dollars. I could get used to this.

I included pictures (including a couple finds from my last trip) but sadly the polka dots did not want to show themselves well. Here it goes:

Do you have Goodwill glory moments? Do share!


Confessions of a Goodwill Goddess

Hello Ladies and Gents,

Last Tuesday I went thrifting at the Goodwill up the street, and my my what a beautiful day.

Thrifting Thursday finds

Maybe I’ll share pics later this week, but I simply had to share how great my haul was now. For fifteen bucks I got:

1 brand new royal blue double breasted Ann Taylor cropped jacket
1 vintage blue chiffon dress with a mini pepulum and button key hole in the back (which has been turned into the cutest top)
1 small Liz Claiborne shoulder bag
1 super cute gold envelope clutch
1 sheer maxi skirt that will soon be a dress (with the addition of a gold belt)

While I’m still a few carefully curated thirftstore trips away from being a thrifting genius like I know some of you are, I was absolutely delighted wih my finds. My advice? Don’t underestimate the power of a good pair of sissors. Look beyond what an item is, to what it could be. Look everywhere.

More to come!


Tell Me More

Hello Lovelies,

You may have noticed my glorious little counter in the bottom corner that excitedly proclaims only two more days til I’m back on campus! “What does that mean for East Cost Elegance?” You ask. Never fear my dears! Although my J. Adler Agenda is packed to the brim with meetings, appointments and to-do lists,  I am beyond excited to transfer some of my École enthusiasm to ECE.

Now, I want your opinion. What types of posts would you like to see this Fall on East Coast Elegance? Here’s your chance! I’m listening! Help me keep things fabulous and relevant.

Thanks & welcome new followers!


Genius Mini Touch Up Kit

Hello Lovelies,

I could not help but share this link. In case you missed it The Beauty Department posted the most clever DIY touch up kit. It’ll work no matter how itty-bitty your clutch is for going out. I’d dare say, it would even easily fit in your front pocket if you’re going casual in your favorite short-shorts.

Here’s the link. All you need is a spare contact case, which you can usually get free with your contact cleaner. I know I have about a half-dozen in my vanity. Leave the clunky foundation and blush cases at home and give this a try!

Super Clever Clutch Kit

Enjoy Lovelies! And awesome post TBD.  :)


A Few of My Favorite Things!

Hello lovely readers,

You may or may not have noticed often times I will feature an etsy shop in my posts. Well just as a little extra does of appreciation I want to highlight a five of my favorite Etsy shops. If you don’t know, etsy is an online haven of insanely talented independent artists, designers, chefs, and jewelers (basically if you name it, they probably sell it). Shipping varies from seller to seller but most shops include rates to Canada, Europe and the U.S.

Lola’s Room is an adorable photography shop from the UK. Owner Cassia Beck describes her photos as sweet and nostalgic, and  I whole heartedly agree. Not to mention, she’s having a Christmas in July sale right now on top of her already reasonable prices.

Miss. Brache has been a favorite formal dress shop of mine for a while now. Specializing in pretty pin up styles, the dresses are customized to your size when you order. Definitely check her out!

I found Ever So Lovely while looking for local etsy shops. I was first drawn in by its location at the heart of North Carolina and their dogwood blossom banner, but I stuck around for their simple sweet and classically whimsical jewelry.

cotton candy pink earrings brass nickel free earrings - sparkly lever back dangle earringsThe inner scrapbooker and note writer inside me cannot get enough of Doodlebug Designs. Super cute stamps that can even be customized at reasonable prices. Gotta love it.

Smiling Tea Cup Hand Carved Stamp

Lastly, I’ve been a fan of GloryBDesigns for longer than I can remember, and they never fail to inspire me with their repurposed and restored furniture and housewares. Their finds are not only carefully curated but they’re fun additions to any room.

Okay, that’s all for now. Hope you enjoy some of my favorite etsy shops! Please don’t forget to sing the title to the tune of the Sound of Music. :)


Thinking of Perfection

I’m going to be honest…

I love this video. I love this song. I love this set. I love these clothes. I love her makeup. I love that actor. Here’s me sending my beloved to you.

Katy Perry’s Thinking of You

Hope you enjoyed! ( I know it’s kind of a depressing song, but still, it’s pretty, you will admit? )


hmm… give feedback, perhaps if wanted I can do an inspired fashion post.. ohh the possibilities.