Simple Tips

Hello Lovelies,

I found this tip over at REAL SIMPLE, and I needed to pass it along. You see, a few weeks ago while trying out a new lipstick, I made the mistake of partaking in a beverage. This obviously ended in disaster. My tea-cup was cream and gold and red all over, an absolute mess. This tip is ridiculously awkward, never thought inconspicuous glass licking would become an item on my agenda, nevertheless… I’m thinking perhaps dipping my napkin into my ice water and swiping the side of the glass might be a bit more conducive, but either way, the simple tip from REAL SIMPLE has the wheels turning.


Do share if you have better tips/ideas about keeping your lipstick on your lips, I’m eager to hear them. Also, if anyone has any magic ideas about how to keep newspaper ink off your hands that would also be infinitely helpful.




Good Reads

Hello Lovelies,

In honor of Sunday procrastination, here my friends, is a round up of what I’m reading/listening to across the interwebs this week.

1st–  A list of questions we should all ask ourselves sometime. Usually I find these lists pretty cheesy, but I actually found these really thoughtful. (first found from Smart Pretty & Awkward)

2nd– This is genius. If feels like designers are never considering the fact that women wear these crazy things called bras. Backless tops and key holes are great, what’s not great is bra straps hanging out.  Enter this beauty.

3rd–  Horoscopes (I’m a Capricorn). Naturally this horoscope is spot on. I’m going to a poetry reading downtown this week, so fingers crossed.

4th– Another reminder why it’s important to know who you’re voting for in congress. Make sure your representative is actually representing you. Equal pay should have happened yesterday.

My Playlist: Skinny Genes -Eliza Doolittle, Machine Gun- Sara Bareilles, White Houses- Vanessa Carlton, Heartless- Childish Gambino, Next to You – Emeli Sandé

Lost in Transportation: A Public Transit Story

Hello Lovelies,
Have you ever taken unintentionally bad advice? I have! It’s one of those situations, like maybe I shouldn’t have taken advice on how to swim from a moose, but oh well, it’s done now.  Last night due to some unintentionally bad advice, I hopped into the wrong bus, went to kingdom come and back before finally getting off the ride and taking refuge in the Barnes and Noble across the street.
Now in my dreams of what heaven or paradise looked like , I often imagined a glorious library, with perfect duvets in window nooks. This Barnes and Noble didn’t follow-through completely, but with free internet, it was pretty damn close.So there I was, waiting on my sister ( who I had a Facebook friend message) to pick me up, I would say “save” but I think I saved myself by getting off that darn bus when I did. Although she definitely helped. ;)Besides the terror that I would never be picked up, closing time would come, and like an unwanted puppy, I would be left on the door step to freeze, my experience wasn’t to bad. And I admit, this is no reflection on actual public transit, which has been a doll for me until now.Still, I did take a few lessons away from my experience:

Advice from a seasoned terrible traveler?

#1 January is an excellent time to buy christmas/birthday presents for your book loving friends. Everything’s on sale!
#2 Trust your gut, never be afraid to abandon ship.
#3 Never be afraid to ask to use a phone.
#4 Don’t forget your resources: Free wifi, Facebook, Google maps.
#5 If you’re going to be stranded, pick a good spot to be stranded in.
#6 Outbound buses DO NOT always loop around.

5 Things I wish I’d Known


Hello Lovelies,

In honor of the class of 2016, here are five things I wish I’d known during first year orientation.

#1 Don’t be afraid of the upper classmen. They genuinely want to know you, and impress their knowledge upon you. They’re all just looking for a little freshman baby bird to take under their wing. Grab the girl from down the hall and go find out if one of you is that bird. Save yourself some time and some embarrassment, and probably score some party invites.

#2 Just Do It. Not that, get your mind out of the gutter, geeze. But the freshman class adventure trip white water rafting? Go. The day of volunteering with your peers? Go. Scoping out downtown and sampling the best Mexican Restaurant in the city? Go. These opportunities are set out for us for a reason. They’re meant to take you out of your comfort zone. They’re designed to force you to engage and interact. Don’t sit out. Some of my best friends were made after we were done huffing about these events.

#3 Take pictures of everything. No, you don’t want to be that weird kid with the camera glued to her palm, gazing up at the student union like it’s the statue of liberty. However, these are the first moments of some great friendships down the road, document them!

#4 Don’t form a clique the first five minutes on campus. Sure, you’re both wearing American Eagle jeans and trendy pastel tops, and hey you might end up being besties for life, but give everyone a chance. Sit with different people at lunch. Get to know the girls from the other halls. Leave all the doors to friendship open, at least for a week or two. You will not regret it.

#5 ( I learned this one from friends) Don’t find a boyfriend your first weekend out, aka your first weekend on campus ( or off ). Let yourself explore, wander and figure what you want. Hey, I’m not saying not to take anyone’s number yet, or that the guy chatting you up at the tailgate isn’t Mr. Right, but give yourself a chance to find out first. Mr. Wrongs can be found in all he right places.


Bonus: I already knew this one, but I’ve noticed a few class of 2016ers who might not: Do Not. Do Not Do Not. I repeat do not smoke in your room the very first night and hour after your parents have dropped you off. #1 My God girl, you just got here. #2 What a dumb ass, take that shit outside! #3 Seriously? It’s Barely 11, no one is even asleep yet…

How to Alienate People & Lose Friends

Hey Ya’ll

You may have noticed a peppy little counter in the bottom corner of ECE that exclaims (currently) 8 more days until Move In Day! I am pumped. I’ve started packing, Do It Yourself-ing, and making to-do lists galore. What I haven’t prepared for is that one freaking girl that gets on my last damn nerve.

She’s outwardly perfect, of course. In her vineyard vines frock and madden girl wedges, not one hair is out of place. She’s also one of these types that doesn’t need an invitation to come and have lunch/dinner with you. She comes, plops her tiny ass down, and starts probing into your life. Asking questions and then chuckling to herself after your every word. Imagine that scene in Mean Girls when Cady considers how things would be handled in animal world and she launches herself across the table at Regina. Yeah, that’s how I feel about this one.

Now Finally I know how to handle her. :) Enjoy my friends, enjoy.
Also, beware of adult language and topics.


Genius Mini Touch Up Kit

Hello Lovelies,

I could not help but share this link. In case you missed it The Beauty Department posted the most clever DIY touch up kit. It’ll work no matter how itty-bitty your clutch is for going out. I’d dare say, it would even easily fit in your front pocket if you’re going casual in your favorite short-shorts.

Here’s the link. All you need is a spare contact case, which you can usually get free with your contact cleaner. I know I have about a half-dozen in my vanity. Leave the clunky foundation and blush cases at home and give this a try!

Super Clever Clutch Kit

Enjoy Lovelies! And awesome post TBD.  :)


1 Month & Counting

Hello Lovelies,

Today is a special day.  Today marks one month until I am back at Uni. In honor of this glorious day I have a few college tips for the unassuming college freshman.

#1 Pack More Than One.  Maybe I’m being stereotypical, maybe I’m lazy

photoor high-maintence. Late at night, during those hours they say everything you consume goes straight to your hips, the last thing I ever felt like doing was washing dishes. Furthermore, on a Friday night, when I began my going-out routine, nothing spoiled it faster than dirty towels. Sure laundry has to be done eventually, and dishes… well I learned the hard way RA’s aren’t joking about wash or get tossed. So do yourself a favor and don’t be so skimpy on the bits and pieces. You’ll be thankful junior year when you move into an apartment and have more than one fork.P.s. Do start saving your quarters now…

#2 Do make time for yourself.  Roommates, hallmates, friends, club-members… It’s easy to get caught up hanging out with others constantly. It’s fun, they’re hysterical, they have a car, you may have adopted a “they like to drink! So do we!” mentality. However… eventually, it will take its toll. I promise. Wether it’s a morning jog, an after class cup of coffee, or a late night soap opera you’re too embarrassed to watch with your usual crew. This may be the difference between happy healthy relationships with the new people you meet, and biting your roommate’s head off after their third harry-potter marathon.


 #3 Soften the Blow This one was a big one for me. Most people change during their first year of college, hopefully for the better. You may become the leader you always wanted to be, you may become more adventurous. You may transform from a lazy bum allergic to treadmills to an active human (good for you!) Who knows, the main point is you’re going to change at least a little when you enter such a new atmosphere. Your family might have a hard time wrapping their head around the new you. So I strongly suggest keeping them updated on your life. Picked up a new hobby? Tell them about it. And when they say for the fifth time, “But you never ate sushi beforeee!!” take a deep breath, and perhaps offer to get some lobster rolls for lunch next week.

That’s all for now.


Have some tips you couldn’t live without freshman year? Leave them below! It’s only polite.