Dorm Decisions

Rug: Ikea,   Art:Etsy, Duvet:Ikea, Lamp:Target, Towels:Target, Basket:Target, Floor Pillows: Urban Outfitters,  Large Throw Pillows: Etsy, Floral Throw Pillow: Ikea

A little advice…

#1 Don’t feel like you have to buy everything from the prefab dorm area in Target, Walmart, Kmart.. etc. Do take advantage of the steals in these areas though! You know what I’m talking about, all discount stores have them, entire areas devoted to the average American teen dorm room, where they have the same three lamps, bed spreads, and cube ottomans in nine different colors. Not only will you get bored looking at an entire room of lime green basics, your room will also be twins with the five kids down the hall.  You want your space to be personalized to you! Not a different colored clone of 478,438,457 other incoming freshman.

#2 Do invest in creature comforts! Book lovers bring your books, fashion addicts bring your magazines, constant crafters bring your supplies. You won’t feel at home if you left a huge part of yourself back with the rents. Believe me, you’ll make room.

#3 Don’t forget the little things. You remembered the laundry bag and the trash can, but did you remember detergent and trashbags? Here’s an ultimate packing list, use your own judgement though, there’s a couple things on this list ( hot plate, iron) that most universities don’t allow. Rainboots! Do not forget them!

Alright, that’s all for now, but I’ll be giving more tips and tidbits through out the summer to help you guys get prepared for the begining of the best part of your life so far!