If My Day was a Movie…

This would be my soundtrack:


To start things out, I’ve got T. Swift’s romantic measure Jump then Fall on repeat quite a bit lately when I’m crawling out of bed. Men of the city, take note!

As I apply my Revlon #10 Naturally Revealed lipstick and my Clinique double lash mascara, seductive songstress Lana Del Ray’s Blue Jeans sets the tone. I tell you, she can make anyone feel like a vixen ( of course not an SBC vixen, gross! But the traditional vixen with the pouty lip as seen in vintage magazines. )

On the commute to work I really like to relax with Agnes Obel’s hypnotic Riverside. She has such an alluring voice!

Once at work, we usually have some sort of motivating staff meeting to get everyone pumped for the day.  Nikki Minaj’s Starships is usually getting me through this. Geeze Louise can she make an anthem! I am just now getting Super Bass out of my head.

At lunch M. Ward’s honest serenade Primitve Girl is stuck in my head.

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As I board the evening train home listening to  Never Gunna Get Out of This Bed by Maroon 5 is like being in a trance after such a long day.

While fixing dinner, I am floating around the kitchen to John Mayer’s bittersweet croon Who Says . I know he’s a dog when he speaks, but his voice is still sexy as hell. Okay?

During after dinner skype sessions with my best girls L & A, it wouldn’t be a bad guess that you’d find us lipsyncing to Carly Rae Jepson’s pop phenomon Call Me Maybe at least three times.

A couple hours blogging, I’m typing it out to Adele’s Rolling in the deep. Thanks to A, I’ve even got an interpretive dance. Yeah there’s an image for ya. No matches involved.

 If it’s the weekend, and I’m going out, then Estelle’s American Boy is still my themesong. If this isn’t the the perfect confidence boosting background music for your reallife catwalk, dunno what is.

Slipping out of my flats and tugging off my earrings,  Regina Spektor and her sweet keys in Eet help me unwind before bed.

Alright, quick confession. I’m one of those weirdos that listens to music in the shower. Okay, I’ve admitted it, I’ve heard that’s the first step. Goyte’s Somebody that I used to know and Johnny Cash’s Walk the linehelp me work up a lather.

Then it’s lights and speakers out! So there ya go, this is my current playlist. Subject to change in the next few weeks. Not the best movie, but I’d buy the soundtrack…obviously. Hope you enjoy!