TFH: Who Runs the World?

Original image by Diana Walker for Time.

Hello Lovelies,

In case you needed a smile on this lovely freezing Wednesday morning, please enjoy a reminder of why Hillary is so badass.



I’ll Ripen on the Way

Hello folks,

You might not know this about me, but  I am incredibly impatient. If I was the local farmer, you’d buy the imported stuff because I’d never wait for the vegetation to ripen. Green bananas and coconut sized watermelon.

Last week one of my friends was discussing how she’d held back freshman year, tested the water before she dove in. Her and another friend chatted about the benefits of taking in the scenery before venturing too far out into the woods. I thought about myself and my freshman year as my club advisor tapped my shoulder and asked me to take the stage and make an announcement to the new freshman class.

I gawked at her for a minute at the irony of the situation, and made my way to the microphones. This is where my impatience had gotten me. Standing on a stage at the beginning of my sophomore year during opening ceremony asking the first years to please remember to sign up for Day of Service. Plugging in a bit about sisterhood and seeing the area and an added incentive.

You see this is a huge leap for me. While, Sitting, Waiting, Wishing has never been my theme song, I used to be chronically quiet, as in I didn’t speak when I was younger. I never slept the night before a presentation. I never volunteered to be first, to be the voice of a group. I didn’t ask, or share my opinion. I was silent.

Now I’m far from the little girl I was. I love presentations, I am uncomfortable not being the leader and my general motto is what doesn’t kill us, or Would Hillary Clinton do it? These past two weeks, I’ve been so pushed out of my comfort zone, I’ll probably have to start building a new one.

I’ve forced my way from Vice President of a club, or professional head nodder, as I sometimes refer to it as, to President. I’m leading the biggest event I’ve ever been put in charge of. I did an improv skit in front of roughly 150 people, and I spoke alone in front of the entire freshman class, their parents, my classmates and the President of the University as well as her cabinet.

It’s possible I’m a little in over my head, but who makes history without facing the possibility of drowning for a second? I’ll let you know how this turns out.