Why do you care?

Hello Ladies and Gents,
American flag flies in the U.S.
Something you may not know about me: I’ve been interested in politics for a while now, father back than I can remember. One question I’ve been asked more times than I care to count, is “Why do I care?”

With an ample amount of self-control, I don’t roll my eyes. Excuses are exchanged: everyone’s corrupt, the president is an icon these days, it makes no difference etc…  I can’t say the lack of consideration doesn’t make me a little sad.

By all means, I’m not suggesting everyone should major in poli-sci, teevo cspan and memorize the Constitution word for word. However, do take the responsiblity to educate yourself on the issues at hand. I care because my life is at stake, and my future children’s life, and so on. I want my future daughter to have all the opportunities that I have had, and will have and then some. I want to be in charge of my body and I want to be protected, but not controlled.

Our votes matter and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Being religious, in the military or raised in the South does not automatically spell out republican. Similarly, being a minority, or middle class does not automatically designate a democrat. Learn the issues and how they affect you, browse both candidates websites, listen to them both speak and vote smart because you’re worth it.  This isn’t a decision you have to debate with your parents and loved ones, everyone’s vote should be their own, made free of criticism.

I care. Do you?