The Ex

Hello Ladies and Gents,

I’m curious. Maybe it’s because I’m finally opening up to the idea of being in a relationship again, maybe it’s because his best friends at college keep accidentally inviting me to their events on facebook, and I can see what music they’re listening to on spotify, for whatever reason I firmly decided today that I’m no longer angry with my ex.

We dated for nearly five years, so am I completely over him? Not quite, but I’m getting there. We haven’t spoken in 8 months, it’s definitely been an adjustment, learning to live without my other half but I’ve gotten pretty good at it honestly. I feel independent and strong on my own. I feel proud of me and everything I’ve done, and how I’ve changed over the past several months.

So I guess what I’m wondering… what I’m curious of… is when you’ve reached this point. When you no longer hate your ex, when you can finally fathom another relationship without being sick thinking of the inevitable impending heartache, can you contact them? Have you? Do you?

I don’t mean to be friends, or meet up and discuss the past. Perhaps just a message, you don’t even need a response to. An acknowledgement that your anger has subsided, that you’re grateful for the relationship you had and understand why things couldn’t work out, and that it’s okay.

Do you think it’s opening a can of worms? Is it cathartic? What happened when you did it? Do you regret it?

What’s your take? I’m curious.



4 thoughts on “The Ex

  1. It definitely sounds like you’ve turned another page! :] Like the person above me said, anger brings nothing but negativity and prolongs the hurt I reckon. It’s a definite waste of energy.

    As for the contacting them part, I’m actually friends with all of my ex’s on some level or another. Some are obviously on a better level than others. This was something that we had maintained right from the very beginning though; to avoid awkwardness and to make sure we could be civil towards each other if we saw the other out and about. I don’t regret being friends with them at all or beginning to talk to them again but everyone’s different I guess. My break ups weren’t ever ‘dramatic’ so it was easier for us to be friends afterwards. It all depends on the kind of relationship you had before it ended :]

  2. don’t do it. it just dredges it all up again if he doesn’t answer or if he answers wrong or if he answers right. Keep getting over him and letting him go. He doesn’t need to know where you are at in the process.

  3. Thanks for the feedback y’all! Taking it all in for sure. Holding off for now, but who knows. You might be interested to know I have a date on Saturday completely void of all things ex related. :)


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