Not Yet Legal

Hello Ladies and Gents,

Not Yet Legal was the theme of the party my friend hosted this weekend. It was celebrating her 20th birthday and christening her apartment as her first party of the year. All went mostly well. A couple girlfriends went over that afternoon while she was out and party-proofed and decorated, streamers and balloons galore. Early that night we pregamed and then the dj came and things really got started.

However, as fun a night as that was, it’s not the topic of my post today. In fact it’s underage drinking, specifically freshman drinking. Most know coozies and cups become the barrier between underage drinkers and the law. What’s in the cup? “Who knows?” We all sing in unison. However, when people start falling, (on the ground, asleep, face first on the toilet, into walls) concerns arise.

Friday night too many girls were falling over vomit machines preaching, “But I’m a heavy-weight!”
So here I am my dears, asking all those underage freshman drinkers to lend me their ear. Trust me I’ve been there, although with all due credit to me, I’ve always held myself together until we’ve left the party. Not your fault, but  always try your best not to gather the attention of the hostess, or her inner circle. (It’s just wise, you risk not being invited back by upperclassmen, and having worried eyes follow you all night. Can you blame them though? They want to make sure you’re okay and no one wants to be responsible for inviting the freshman who died. )

Okay, here’s my advice.

#1 Stop excitedly exclaiming you’re a heavy-weight and can keep up with the boys. Not only am I doubting you, I’m flagging you to watch for the rest of the night as a possible mess waiting to happen. Plus being a heavy weight means more expensive. Lose, lose, lose. Learn your limit, we’ll all be more impressed.

#2 Keep it to one drink per hour. One Shot is equal to one beer. Measure your mixed drinks. You’ll get there slow and steady instead of “Oh I don’t feel a thing!! Still sober as a whip girl! …. Have you seen my panties?”

#3 If you know you’re drinking later, eat filling well-rounded meals during the day, and don’t forget to drink a healthy amount of non-alcoholic beverages during the day too, an extra water wouldn’t kill you. Nothing’s worse than being sick on an empty stomach, and chances are, if you have an empty stomach, you will get sick. Even snack while you drink if you can.

#4 Bring flats. Sure those three-inch heels are cute. You’ll probably get compliments all night. But a pair of flats or sandals stowed away under the bathroom sink can be the difference between a twisted ankle and scabbed up knees and a safe and sound walk home. Everyone doesn’t have to know it, but you’ll be smarter for it.

#5 For those of you that don’t drink, good for you. That’s healthy and legal, you’re an all around good citizen! But if you’re going to a party where there is going to be a lot of drinking, be ready to be asked a lot, “Want a drink? Why aren’t you drinking? Where’s your drink?” It’s annoying and after the third time it’s going to get old. My advice? Bring a non-alcoholic beverage in a tumbler and sip on that throughout the night. You’ll avoid the nagging, avoid dry mouth and have something to do with your hands if you meet someone new.

That’s all for now folks. Drink responsibly, please and thank you!



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