Southern Hospitality vs Persnickety

Hello Lovelies.

These last couple weeks I’ve been whipped around left and right. Meeting girls I think will become good friends and being thrown out of my comfort zone on fifteen new different levels. One thing that isn’t new and hasn’t changed, is my deep-rooted appreciation for Southern Hospitality.
I love inviting people over, offering a drink and a store-bought baked good. I like saying “hello” and” how are you” to the people I pass on the sidewalk.  I will always offer to treat a friend who’s low on cash when we’re out to lunch.

So when I got to college what I didn’t expect were the persnickety. The ones who invite you over but don’t want you to sit on their bed. Those who make you ask for a drink or eat in front of company. The hostesses that huff if you drop a crumb on their “pristine” tile floor.

Inside I’m seething; “come on, get over yourself“. On the outside, I’m politely watching the clock for the moment when it’s okay to leave. Of course, I’m not suggesting we all become bubbly entertainer wives in swishing hoop skirts but, if you’re settling into a new dorm on campus be aware of the persnickety.

Take their over the top pet peeves and idiosyncrasies with a grain of salt, and try to hang out in your own room, or the common room when possible. After all, you never know the story behind their strange and annoying ways.

Sorry for the bias.



2 thoughts on “Southern Hospitality vs Persnickety

    • Haha, thanks girl! I just never understand when someone invites a friend over, then gets bothered if the friend interacts with their living space at all. I mean come on! Isn’t that what company is for?


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