Confessions of a Goodwill Goddess

Hello Ladies and Gents,

Last Tuesday I went thrifting at the Goodwill up the street, and my my what a beautiful day.

Thrifting Thursday finds

Maybe I’ll share pics later this week, but I simply had to share how great my haul was now. For fifteen bucks I got:

1 brand new royal blue double breasted Ann Taylor cropped jacket
1 vintage blue chiffon dress with a mini pepulum and button key hole in the back (which has been turned into the cutest top)
1 small Liz Claiborne shoulder bag
1 super cute gold envelope clutch
1 sheer maxi skirt that will soon be a dress (with the addition of a gold belt)

While I’m still a few carefully curated thirftstore trips away from being a thrifting genius like I know some of you are, I was absolutely delighted wih my finds. My advice? Don’t underestimate the power of a good pair of sissors. Look beyond what an item is, to what it could be. Look everywhere.

More to come!



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