How to Alienate People & Lose Friends

Hey Ya’ll

You may have noticed a peppy little counter in the bottom corner of ECE that exclaims (currently) 8 more days until Move In Day! I am pumped. I’ve started packing, Do It Yourself-ing, and making to-do lists galore. What I haven’t prepared for is that one freaking girl that gets on my last damn nerve.

She’s outwardly perfect, of course. In her vineyard vines frock and madden girl wedges, not one hair is out of place. She’s also one of these types that doesn’t need an invitation to come and have lunch/dinner with you. She comes, plops her tiny ass down, and starts probing into your life. Asking questions and then chuckling to herself after your every word. Imagine that scene in Mean Girls when Cady considers how things would be handled in animal world and she launches herself across the table at Regina. Yeah, that’s how I feel about this one.

Now Finally I know how to handle her. :) Enjoy my friends, enjoy.
Also, beware of adult language and topics.



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