Lesbians, Pillow-fights & Husband Hunts

Hello Ladies & Gents,

You may or my not know that I attend a single-sex private liberal arts university in VA. It’s been amazing growing as a young woman and leader, becoming more confident and meeting some absolutely wonderful new long-lost sisters, it hasn’t come without its’ trials. Mainly; facing the myths surrounding women’s college.

Just last week a dinner with a friend and some family turned into dispelling tired assumptions about my educational choices. If we aren’t all butch lesbians, we’re bible-thumpers, or boy crazy girls who just had to separate ourselves to focus on our education.  (insert unavoidable eye roll here)

“We are not a girls’ school without men; we are a women’s college without boys.”

Contrary, the women I know didn’t choose a single sex education due to the distraction of the male physic, sorry guys. We don’t have an abnormally high number of LGBT students, and while some students do have faith most aren’t wearing an iron chastity belt; or at least she didn’t choose her higher education based on it. Here are some more myths about women’s colleges.

Personally, I made the choice of a top-notch private single-sex university because of the educational rigor, the high graduation rates, the excellent student-teacher ratio, the sisterhood, traditions, and the many success stories of the alumnae. The list goes on, even more so now that I’ve finished my first year of college and experienced some of the unexplainable joys of a single-sex university.

Sorry for the rant, but next time you come across a young woman who has made the decision to attend a single-sex university please do not insult her intelligence by bringing up one of these ignorant assumptions.


P.S. Thanks for listening, but don’t stop there! Do you attend a single-sex uni? Tell ECE about it! Have you run across one of these myths? How’d you handle it? Do you have questions about women’s colleges? Don’t be afraid to ask!


2 thoughts on “Lesbians, Pillow-fights & Husband Hunts

    • Hey Taryn, congrats on starting your first year of college! Women’s colleges aren’t for everyone but if you embrace it, it can be the most amazing experience. :) Good luck this fall! xoxo, -E

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