You’ll Never Be the Same Again

Once you break up with your first love, you’ll never be the same again and that’s okay. You don’t WANT to be someone who’s never had their heart broken. You’d be like an unfinished person.

I suppose now I’ll stop waiting to get back to normal. How about you?


19 Best  Moments of Being Young


2 thoughts on “You’ll Never Be the Same Again

  1. Truly believe everyone needs to have their heart broken at least once! Awkward moment of this weekend though? Being sat next to your first boyfriend (aka first love), and his wife at a wedding. A wedding that I went to single. It happened.

    • Holy cow, my heart goes out to ya girl! That’s the stuff rom-coms are made of. Although, it also sounds like a moment to be a little proud of: the abilty to go to an event (especially a wedding) independently. :) xoxo, -E

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