Rory Reading Challenge

Hello Lovelies,

First I will confess. I absolutely love Gilmore Girls. When the series ended I was completely distraught. Reruns came on abc family and if I was going to be working late, I made sure to leave the tv on set to the correct channel. If I didn’t, abc family would see the low traffic during GG and cancels the reruns. It would obviously be all my fault, betraying Stars Hollow. Anyways, since then I have gained possesion of the entire series, so all is well, thank you for your concern.

You’re looking for the point. I’m getting to it, I promise. Geeze, can’t a girl set the stage? Okay, well having the information above you can imagine my excitement when I came across the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge on Smart, Pretty and Awkward (see blogroll ).  I was thrilled, and I think you will be too. It’s a terribly long list, but hey you’ve got a month left of summer, what can you knock out? Lets try together!

Here’s the link (Here I am!)

I figure any time you’re becoming more like Rory (minus that whole having an affair with a married man thing) you’re becoming a better you. Enjoy!



One thought on “Rory Reading Challenge

  1. I read this last week. Such a cute idea. I really liked the list of books that she had. I think I had already read 34 of them which made me feel quite smug. lol. It also really made me want to watch all the Gilmore Girl episodes again. I love that show!

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