Simply Lovely

Hello ladies and gents,

I woke up this morning a very happy blogger. One of my favorite up and coming blogs momentsnotmemories nominated East Coast Elegance for the Lovely Blogger Award. This is my blog’s first award, and I am so thrilled to accept! The past two months have been a little zany so this was unexpectedly lovely. It’s so nice to have ECE acknowledged and appreciated. Thank you thank you thank you Mn’M!

Here are the rules:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you with a link to the site. momentsnotmemories Thank you!!

2. Write seven things about yourself that other bloggers don’t know. [check down below!]

3. Nominate fifteen other deserving blogs. [check down below]

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

1. I’m cheap. No, I don’t stiff the waiter or use watered down laundry detergent but when it comes to clothing… I will turn my nose up at a thirty dollar sweater. Bargains are sexy. I’ve literally gone from tearful migraine to a mile wide grin just by stepping into a F21.

2. I’m addicted to white chocolate mochas. Hot, cold, I couldn’t care less. They’re perfect. Don’t try to argue this point with me. You will lose.

3. It won’t be a straw that breaks this camels back. Books. I’m addicted. I avoid venturing into the stacks alone at libraries, and try to only take a limited amount of cash into book stores.

4. My favorite charity is She’s the first. We have to educate out girls so they can become amazing women!

5. True Story: I’ve always wanted to learn Karate.

6. I’m a Capricorn. Which means I’m ambitious, stubborn, loyal and creative.

7. I can drive a manual and I’m damn proud of it.

15 Lovely Blogs

1. All Things Charming– All the clever DIY’s you’ve been looking for and more. The name says it all.
2. Pretty Little Pink Things – Just like the headline reads, A bit of this and that. A lighthearted read, I always enjoy.
3. Polish and Sugar–  A hub for baking, interior design and beauty; the perfect gal pal on a rainy afternoon.
4. What Katie Made– 2 Words: Freaking Genius. Her DIY posts are always on point.
5. becomingelizabeth– Amazing style posts that never bore, or disappoint.
6. powderandpaint14– Look forward to insightful posts about art, feminism and fashion.
7. Beauty and the Beard– Adventures, DIY, and bargains as told by the girl next door.
8. Made in Pretoria – The DIY posts ours dream of being.
9. Hey Girl – Where I got to get inspired.
10. The Sapphire Bee– Blogging with a side of shopping, just the way I like it.
11. One Sheepish Girl– The epitome of lovely. As I scroll, I’m constantly ooo’ing and aweingg
12. Oh Hello Friend– Details, details details. Everything thing, head to toe is admirable.
13. see pretty– The perfect casual coffee companion.
14. Thayer Allyson Gowdy– Beautiful pictures of the days gone by.
15. And one to aspire to…

Thank you loves.



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