1 Month & Counting

Hello Lovelies,

Today is a special day.  Today marks one month until I am back at Uni. In honor of this glorious day I have a few college tips for the unassuming college freshman.

#1 Pack More Than One.  Maybe I’m being stereotypical, maybe I’m lazy

photoor high-maintence. Late at night, during those hours they say everything you consume goes straight to your hips, the last thing I ever felt like doing was washing dishes. Furthermore, on a Friday night, when I began my going-out routine, nothing spoiled it faster than dirty towels. Sure laundry has to be done eventually, and dishes… well I learned the hard way RA’s aren’t joking about wash or get tossed. So do yourself a favor and don’t be so skimpy on the bits and pieces. You’ll be thankful junior year when you move into an apartment and have more than one fork.P.s. Do start saving your quarters now…

#2 Do make time for yourself.  Roommates, hallmates, friends, club-members… It’s easy to get caught up hanging out with others constantly. It’s fun, they’re hysterical, they have a car, you may have adopted a “they like to drink! So do we!” mentality. However… eventually, it will take its toll. I promise. Wether it’s a morning jog, an after class cup of coffee, or a late night soap opera you’re too embarrassed to watch with your usual crew. This may be the difference between happy healthy relationships with the new people you meet, and biting your roommate’s head off after their third harry-potter marathon.


 #3 Soften the Blow This one was a big one for me. Most people change during their first year of college, hopefully for the better. You may become the leader you always wanted to be, you may become more adventurous. You may transform from a lazy bum allergic to treadmills to an active human (good for you!) Who knows, the main point is you’re going to change at least a little when you enter such a new atmosphere. Your family might have a hard time wrapping their head around the new you. So I strongly suggest keeping them updated on your life. Picked up a new hobby? Tell them about it. And when they say for the fifth time, “But you never ate sushi beforeee!!” take a deep breath, and perhaps offer to get some lobster rolls for lunch next week.

That’s all for now.


Have some tips you couldn’t live without freshman year? Leave them below! It’s only polite.


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