Backpack – Breakdown!

Hello lovelies,

It’s soon to be that time of year again. The discount stores will be packed with fresh notebooks, fully inked pins and post it notes in every color. Blogging inspiration will be rampant. Before you know it, you’ll be picking out new rainboots, snuggling into your favorite jeans, and clutching your lucky blue ink-pen like there’s no tomorrow… or maybe that’s just me. Oh well. Click the pics!

For those of you beginning your first semester of college here’s a breakdown of what’ll be in my backpack and should be in yours.

Little Must Haves:

Cute Coffee Cup Cozy                                                        Go To Earrings


Pretty Purposeful Planner                                           Kiss-Demanding Lip Balm

A cute personalized cozy can be a social-life saver. Pop your favorite iced or hot coffee into it, and collect the inevitable compliments, and probably a few friends too. Looking for a study buddy, someone to grab lunch with after class, an in for the apartment party you haven’t been invited to yet? This guy keeps on giving.

Picture this. It’s raining. Your hair won’t do what you want. You didn’t have time to perfect your make up, and your outfit just isn’t giving you the pep you need. To boot, you might’ve just gotten a less than satisfactory grade on that last paper, you missed the latest ANTM,  and your cute crush in the third row is chatting with that brat from the third floor. Ew. Needless to say, you need a boost. Tuck these babies in: your go to earrings, the ones that put the sparkle in your eye, and the bounce in your ‘natural’ waves.  I always feel better when I’m wearing these bad-boys.

Okay, you’ve taken on a bit more than you can chew. Like me, you’re the Pres. of a club, an Resident Assistant, and you’re chomping at 20 credits this semester. Not to mention you really would like to tryyyyy to go to the gym this lifetime ;) Throw in friends, formals, dates and family…  you’re to-do list is bursting. You need this customizable Planner. Believe me it’s worth it. Splurge for the binding strap, at least.

A new climate can be terror on your lips. Keep your kissers pillow soft with your fav. lip balm. I always go for the barely there flavor, leave just a little something to remember you by…

Just a few tips, more on the way.



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