Fashion Friday

Hello fashion followers,

This post is for you. I was up at this ungodly hour checking out a couple of my go-to guides and came across Keiko Lynn’s new post . And I must say, I was smitten. It’s print on print, which I’m not sure if I’m brave enough to do, with a bow embellished suede chunky heeled pump. Very cute. Also out of my budget, sadly.. very sadly.

So I went on a little quest to recreate it to the best of my thrifty abilities.

First I tackled the shoes. Which I love. The tender blue hue and subtle arch at the toe remind me of Sofia Copolla’s Marie Antoinette, which I also love, love love. Taking a nod from GlitterNGlue‘s recent livechat on embellishing shoes, I decided to do a little search and see what I came up with. And may I just say that I really do hope this non stripper, chunky heel sticks around for a while. Just looking at them makes my feet feel better.

The Shoes are target, the Hailey Pump, around $32 and the bows are from forever21 for around $3. My suggestion is warm up your hot glue gun and get to work. Save around $70 for a super similar, super cute look ( that is if you, like myself, already have the glue gun ) (also the bows are a bit bigger than pictured, I just scaled them down )

Next is the print on print which is really popular and really nerve-racking, at least for myself, as my inner fashionista, has a shyer side. It was pretty hard finding the polka-dot bottoms, so I found a light floral instead, and put the dots on top (remembering the peter pan collar )


Per typical, I went with the pastel floral motif. The top is from Lulu*s, for $37 and the jeans are from Forever21 UK for about $30-$35 (saving about $150 for the jeans)

So that’s all, I would go all out and find the cardi too, but it’s too gosh darn hot here for cardigans right now! This might be a safer version, how could anyone think you look ridiculous when you look so sweet? Hope you enjoy!

Thanks for the lovely inspiration Keiko Lynn & GlitterNGlue!



7 thoughts on “Fashion Friday

    • Oh my gosh, thank you so much! That’s really sweet! I’m really loving print on print right now too. If you’re looking for more eye catching outfits Keiko Lynn is definitely a blog to check out, and GlitterNGlue is good about posting DIY accessory ideas.

      Thanks for the feedback,


    • You are definitely right. It takes a brave soul to conquer, or attempt print on print. I’m not quite sure if I’m brave enough yet, but using neutrals and the color wheel can help loads.

      Thanks for the comment!


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