Date Night Approved

(all from Lulu*s)

I know the little black dress has been done time and time again, even I get bored with it. However, this find from Lulu’s boutique take the classic to  new level. The clean geometric lines of the back scream summer, and the front, a sweet halter,with a blossoming skirt, could kindle any romance.

I paired the dress with rose gold accented accessories, like these nude & metallic ankle strap heels, this chunky rose gold watch and the structured cream gold-edged bag.  The heavy features of the watch, and overt boxiness of the purse help balance the dainty femininity of the frock.

Too cute. What do you think?




2 thoughts on “Date Night Approved

  1. I know! It’s my favorite part. I love when little details make a dress. Plus this dress comes in a ton of colors, so if black’s not your color, I’m pretty sure it also comes in jewel tones and white. Such a good find :)


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