Dear Unfortunate Man,

Hello Ladies and Gents,

Last night I had some major transit trouble, so much so that I ended up staying in for the night today. But I thought I’d share a little insight from my ‘travels”.

While enjoying my new book, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, on the Redline towards Shady Grove an adorable couple (read sarcasm) decided to sit in front of me. It was obvious the couple didn’t know each other very long, or very well based on their conversation and mannerisms. The guy was trying his hardest to impress this girl, poor thing.

Dear unfortunate man,

Personal Space, respect it. If we haven’t been dating for a month or two, if we’re obviously on a first, second or third date, please keep your face out of mine. If I turn my head, my pony tail or bun should not hit you in the face. Got it? Great!

Stupid lines, don’t use them. Telling me I’m gorgeous like Burberry?  You sound ridiculous. End sentence after gorgeous, no likes, no comparisons, alright? Especially if the best you’ve got is Burberry. That’s just weird.
ImageOkay, that’s all for now. Sorry to be harsh, but I was literally dying to get away from this trainwreck. It was hard to watch, and believe me I tried not to. Have you ever witnessed or been apart of a disastrous date? Feel free to vent below.



What do you think?

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