Hey Girl Hey?

Hello People,

I’m not trying to say I’m boycrazy or anything, partially because I consider myself sort of an adult, and the term boy crazy is tad bit juvenile, but anyways I’m just saying that a day when a cutie asks for my number is usually classified as a good day, alright? Are ya with me? Thought so. Especially when said boy as an accent, even better right? Right!

Well until he tries to impress you with his topless self-portrait tiled phone background. Cool he has abs, but this really isn’t how I wanted to find out okay? I was thinking, pending analysis of his texting skills, we have coffee, followed by lunch then maybe a dinner date, or some sort of equally casual outing. Then maybe later on, at a pool party, or perhaps we could work out together, or something also equally casual, I would happen across this information. Maybe I’m ahead of myself, I don’t know.

I’m only suggesting that this tactic of meeting/asking for my number/and showing me shirtless self portraits, which are conveniently enough the background of his phone (won’t even mention how that’s kind of weird too..oops just did) all in the same two minute interval, leaves a bit to be desired.

What do you guys think? Am I being to critical? Do you have tiled self-portraits of your hot bod as your background? Are you attracted to men/women who do? Should we leave some to the imagination?

Hmm, food for thought…

Here’s thoughtful/slightly judgemental looking Ryan G. to help you contemplate.



3 thoughts on “Hey Girl Hey?

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