Something Pretty for You

by Lea Assenmach

Imagine that first hungry woman—

so intent on opening a clenched oyster.

How could she know the sweetly jellied brine

within, that wet and tender kiss?
My fingers are raw, knuckles bloody

from digging you free, prying you open.

Difficulty makes possession seem precious,

my pearl.  Don’t be afraid.  Be devoured.

I came across this poem last fall in a book of poetry I borrowed from my creative writing instructor and have since been in love.  Just eight lines with so much emotion, it’s a bit unnerving.  But I think you should take it to heart. Don’t be scared to be wholly consumed, or to try something completely off the beaten path, the results can be absolutely radical.

That is all.


P.S. Have a favorite poem? Do share! It’s only polite.


4 thoughts on “Something Pretty for You

  1. Absolutely love and absolutely agree! Do happen to recall the poet’s name? If I were so inclined I might have it tattooed on my back…maybe I can just make a pillow instead.

  2. Hey! Glad you liked the poem as much as I did! :) The poet is Lea Assenmach. Haha, I know, I love this poem so much. Strongly considering putting it on canvas or a lampshade for my dorm.


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