I’ll take my coffee with a quote!

I might’ve mentioned that lovely undergrad is one of my favorite blogs. Well it’s true. I’d repost all of her stuff if that wouldn’t be ridiculously creepy and redundant. However, I must share this. DIY projects can get expensive fast if you aren’t careful. Afterwards you can be exhausted from “should I have just bought it prefab? whiplash.” Not with this project though. It’s super cute, super simple, and super cheap. All in all, super. Here’s the link, and stay tuned, because when I have a minute, I am totally making myself a set.

My top 3 quotes as of yet:
#1 Well behaved women rarely make history.
#2 Beware, I am fearless, and therefore I am powerful.
#3 There is no final one, revolutions are infinite.


What do you think?

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